How to Earn More with Video Production Freelancing

By: Emilio Maximilian

Being a freelance video producer is usually a tricky business – either it can fetch you a lot of money or just about nothing. The outcome of your production abilities will rest upon how you market yourself and where. Most freelance video producers are inexperienced youngsters who target the wrong audience with inappropriate rates and offers. If you feel your talent for video production is also going unrewarded, here are some tips that may be of help to you.

Take Baby Steps

A common mistake that freelance video producers make is that they aim too high, way too fast. For your work to get attention and appreciation, you need to make your presence felt in society; start by garnering attention from those living in your immediate locality. Offer your services for functions like parties, birthday bashes and weddings. Try to work with small, home businesses, online ventures and real estate dealers. Do not reject any opportunity to make videos on any account, especially on the grounds that it is not the kind of work you are interested in; any work will fetch you some recognition and money. Soon you will find yourself attracting the right kind of work and clients to improve your finances.

Market Yourself Always

Being a freelance video producer comes with the added pressure of having to market yourself; you are a one-man team responsible for marketing, producing as well as directing. So, self-advertise whenever possible. If your budget is very low, consider using hand-made flyers and street stalls for promotion purposes. Most of all, hone the ability to skillfully insert a snippet about your freelancing work when in conversation with people formerly unknown to you. It is important to remember that though not each person you interact with shall bring you work, they might know someone, who might know someone who may need your services, even if at a later date. Therefore, do not hesitate at marketing yourself continually, even if you cannot perceive any potential opportunity in your surroundings.

Be Different

It is a cliché that ‘being different’ and ‘thinking out of the box’ is an important tactic for getting more work and consequently earning more money. However, in video production, such a cliché becomes a good strategy. Being different, though, does not imply making unconventional videos like specialty films, etc. In this context, it implies being different in a way that allows for ordinary people to see potential in your work. This means that you should employ your creativity not only in making videos, but also in the way that you deal with your clients, market your services and present your work. If you are able to distinguish yourself from full-time video producers in this regard, you can perhaps have a better clientele than them.

The bottom line is that freelance video production is not simple business, especially if one is looking to earn lavish amounts instantly. But by focusing on the aforementioned objectives, you can hope to become a wealthier video producer over time.

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