How to Dress and Select the Underwear

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Method of wearing a bra is worn into the shoulder strap and the strap handle the gap between the upper body tilted 45 degrees, so that the breast volume by gravity into the cup as much as possible, then straighten, adjust the strap length (quite similar to the gun raised Chengkungling with length), organize all of the tape (not a flip), wear solid buttons, check again, as far as possible incorporated into the cup more than meat, and finally shaking his hand up and down, if the bra position is fixed to OK.

Unlock method is to buckle loose solid, respectively, with both hands shoulder strap, strap (compared to the cup before the button) the gap between the out come will be solved.

The right to wear a bra seven steps: Step one: upper body tilt forward 45 degrees, so that the chest into the cup. Step two: both hands behind the buckle bra back side with a slide buckle. Step three: Adjust the position of the cup tip of the nipple. (Very important, but also the design of underwear is the European or Asian design, cutting-edge position to identify, for a long time, then pay no attention to this distortion may lead to breast or nipple retraction.) Step four: stand up straight and then adjust the dial bra exposed muscle. Step five: adjusting shoulder strap with both hands, leaving a finger width. Step six: the two sides leveled with wrinkle-free. Step seven: do the whole check whether there is Furu armpit, behind it to hang. Underwear size calculation: underwear size generally large (L), in (M), small (S) code-based, some style set to increase (XL) or large (XXL) code, size to hip size as a criterion.

Basically, very tight bra is a bundle of things that women put on her beam beam will always feel, as if with a rope tied to the feeling. Her support force is not small! And the woman just unlock the bra, shoulder strap, will be put on the red, it is not comfortable (bra ad shoot a few days before the models can not wear any underwear.) But they have no choice, need to wear a bra with the following: - Support the breast.

Women do not wear bras, do not say jogging, sitting and even raised his hands, breasts are shaking. - Maintenance curve. 25-year-old woman's breasts began to collapse, and you take a look at life through the bra of primitive peoples has never been a woman, what kind of virtue of their breasts. - Protection of the nipple, and the coat to avoid friction. - Courtesy. Wear to others, especially men to see, to prove that she is educated people (many on this critical point, Milan Kun and pulled the "eternity" on there.) But the bra is very expensive. Goods to spread around for two hundred dollars, made a card for about 500-1000 yuan, refined or imported, there are even more expensive special effects, men's underwear to a much cheaper and durable. Bra can not put the washing machine, hand wash only (good trouble), and a life span of only a few months, once the cup, wire deformation or shoulder strap, elastic strap worse, you can only retire.

1, the bra is not one hundred percent is not machine washable, seems to be a "laundry bag" system is designed for washing lingerie, bra to avoid mixing with other clothing and stir. But I understand, the use of domestic laundry is not common. In general, women after menstruation, usually have to wash your own underwear (because underwear is usually difficult to wash the blood stained), and is washed by hand (a lot of people think that the concept of dirty stuff, all washing machines will be dirty clothes), bras and other clothing with the very different, little things the way they wash in the shower after, as we wash the trunks SWIMMING TOOL general. 2, above, there are some typos, you should understand.

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