How to Design an SEO Friendly Website

By: Mel Joelle

People used to say that simply having a website would improve your sales. Later they went on to say that having a functional website is the key. The times have changed and having a website, even a functional one, is not enough. When you want to make your online presence felt, there are a few things to be taken into consideration and implemented. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your visibility in search engines.


When you have a good/functional website, you have to make sure that all the pages are readily visible in the shortest amount of time. Nobody is going to wait for your page to load. If it takes ages to load and the inner pages cannot be indexed properly, you are going to have a hard time getting your visitors to stay.

Google sitemap helps in promoting your website

Most web designers encourage you to have a Google sitemap so your website can be easily indexed. That way, Google will know which of your pages are more important and whether people will benefit from visiting it. Whenever your website is updated and the content refreshed it will be immediately registered in the Google cache.

CTRs and conversion rates measure the success of advertising campaign

You can measure the success of an advertising campaign in several ways. Click Through Rate or the CTR is one important yardstick with which you can gauge your success. In PPC advertising, Pay Per Click Advertising, is one of the first methods through which you can see the relative buzz your site can generate. You have to plan your marketing in such a way that a large percentage of people visiting your website should become your customers. With your Click Through Rate, you will know how many people visit your website. By measuring the conversion rates you will know how they responded. Either they will buy something from you, download software, or sign up for a weekly or monthly newsletter. Any activity that leads to results will call for improved conversion rates. And through CTC you can understand the overall response to your website. Bear in mind that CTR measures only the number of people that visited your website through ad campaigns, not through organic search or other links.

A valid HTML code

If Google faces indexing problems, they will not be able to rank you, so make sure you have a valid HTML code. Minor problems with the code will pass through, but the serious ones will be held against you as “search spiders” will not be able to “crawl” and index.

Dynamic CMS not preferred

If you are going for Content Management System, make sure, it is not dynamic because Google will have problem indexing them. Static HTML pages are always preferred. Also make sure your URL doesn’t have symbols like $,!,? and so on.

Attractive Meta Description

Just like you have quality content for your website, complete with back links and all so should you also have meta descriptions that talk about only what you are selling. Don’t go for attractive words if they are not relevant to your website. Most importantly, make sure they are grammatically correct; it is the first impression that matters most.

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