How to Deal with the Common Problems in Golf Game?

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As a beginner of golf, you may meet many problems, how to deal with these questions? The follows are some questions and answers for the golf beginner.

Q: If the ball falls on the spray-head or ball lane these immovable objects, how to do it?
A: Because golf is not entirely natural, the rules are considered obstacles related to artificial objects. Therefore, because these objects are part of the stadium, you will not be punished.

According to Rule 24-2, you can pick up the ball; you must stand no longer be obstacles to interfere with your swing where the same distance from the hole. Within a club length of the ball thrown out, you can keep playing.

Q: Our team members all in the tee area, where I stand is the best?
A: The best place to stand is on one side or the other side of the tee area. You have to stand in a safe place, where the impact point to see the other shots. It is always unsafe standing behind the serve ball player, and often dispersed players’ attention.

Q: How to deal with the sand rake after flatten sand in the pit?
A: Different people told me different ways, I want to seek an exact answer.
Although many courses and clubs have their own rules, the United States Golf Association recommendations, the sand bunker rake should be placed on the outside, as far as possible farther away from the bunker, where the game will not be affected.

Q: How should we drop?
A: You should be stand upright, arms raised to shoulder high. Drop the ball, then the ball drop from your hand. When you drop, you can face any direction. But everyone drop like this, will not produce any advantage.

Q: What to do before playing for?
A: Most players arrive before the first tee warm-up shots, or at least warm-up swing. Spend some time in the practice putting green for strike action, which will give you the speed to push the feeling. In the service area prior to pocket a ball on the hides, several ball rack, a ball mark repair tool and ball mark. It is time to play, take out the ball arm from bag. Take a deep breath to prepare your mind and body will also help you relax.

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