How to Creatively Transform Living Space into a Productive Home-Office

By: Sunil Maurya

Work from home is a trend these days. Not only it's convenient but also productive and efficient. With space-saving techniques and compact furniture pieces, homes have able to accommodate a functional and modern styling look. From custom built shelves to an inspiring wallpaper, there are many things that can be used to keep you motivated all day long. You can find every such thing at Pepperfry to design your space.

However, when it comes to home offices, designing the space is a vital element! If the workspace is too casual and not separated from the homely ambiance, working productivity is compromised. Fortunately, there are certain tips and tricks that can help you get a super productive space even in the tiniest enclave. All you need is to just play with the unused corners and get experimental with areas that you wouldnít normally consider. So check out a handful of interesting ways of converting your living room into an office.

Choose a Prolific Color Palette

Choosing a right color for your working space is the first thing to be considered. Be it a small room or a big apartment, the psychological impact of colors determines the level of productivity. Color greatly impacts the mood and energy levels of an individual. For instance, the color: blue, green and violet are not only considered cool, but they also evoke the feeling of peace. Similarly, opting for some neutral color such as stark black or shades of tan are known for higher productivity. Yellow is another such color thatís considered optimistic, but donít go for a too bright version of this shade. Another good choice can be opting green color, thatís considered neutral. It's considered fresh and can greatly help to boost concentration. These color add freshness and vitality to an office.

Look for Space Saving Furniture Pieces

When it comes to home-office, searching for space saving furniture is a necessity. Though you are working at home, it needs to be professional, uncluttered and pleasing space to work This will maintain the morale and enhance the work productivity of the place. Apart from maintaining the decorum, the space-saving furniture will help you get more out of the space. This includes wall bed desk, extendable tables, expanding chairs, modular shelving and much more.

These furniture pieces are designed with a contemporary aesthetic look along with a coating of neutral colors and simple design that are timeless.

Embrace the Right Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of any space. Especially, if itís a working space where ensuring a perfect balance of lighting is a vital part. However, itís important to note that one equally needs a good amount of natural daylighting. But, if your space lacks in providing natural daylight, then a combination of general and task lighting will be required. For instance, if you need to do work on late nights, high-quality task lighting is imperative. Similarly, if your home office is in a basement or says in a room without windows, look for daylight replicating sources. These lights are energy saving and provide full spectrum lighting.

Also, while fixing the lighting one must avoid placing them on the computer screens. Similarly, avoid placing the computer screen in front of any source of light. Also, one must look for new reduced light levels for offices that are much easier on the eyes. The most important factor with lightning is the ability to control its brightness and intensity.

Pick Shelves That Work Great for Offices

When it comes to offices there are a number of things which needs to be integrated and stored properly. Thus, no wonder desks are always cluttered. But the case is not as simple when it comes to home offices. Picking up right kind of shelving is highly imperative to have a high storage in minimalist space. They are different types of shelves out of which the simplest is the Individual brackets. These can be secured to the wall and shelving is simply created across them. Plus, as the brackets are available in diverse range of size and shape, customization comes very easily.

The other type of shelving uses vertical rails and brackets that can be inserted at different heights. These shelves are very popular when the storage requirement constantly changes. This means the occupant can adjust the storage according to the immediate needs and preferences. Plus, the fixing of these shelves is readily available and less time-consuming.

Good Quality of Chairs for Long Sitting

This is probably the most important thing while setting up an office. As spending long hours in offices comes with a lot of health issues if sitting in a wrong chair. It can leave you fatigued, backache, body sweating and can even develop chances of cervical spondylodesis. Thus, spending in a good quality and highly durable chairs comes without a say. There are various office chairs available online that are perfect for those long working hours. They have an easy seat height adjustment and padded seat that provides perfect support to the spine. Further, the chairs provide mesh back for breathability along with modern styling.

Usually transforming a home into a productive office demands the need for an appropriate architect or interior designer. But with these simple yet effective tips, you can easily transform any living space into a working office without spending extra money on the designers. Plus with existing discount Flat 50% OFF on Home Decor items, these essentials can be grabbed without creating a hole in your pocket.

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