How to Create a Restore Point in Your Windows PC?

By: Brooke M. Perry

What exactly you feel when your PC gets crashed? Of course you get annoyed and wish you could turn back the clock to the time when your system was running smooth and your files were safe. Windows PC makes it possible through Restore Points.

What is PC Restore Point in Windows 7 and 8?

Restore Point is a highly helpful utility available in Windows 7 and Windows 8 that safeguards emails, documents, pictures and personal files. Technically, Restore Point is actually a stored state where the computer’s system files are saved in a safe. If for some reasons the computer crashes and the files in the system get corrupted, then Restore Point returns the system’s files and settings to an earlier point of time when the system was working fine.

Restore Points get created automatically on a weekly basis or when System Restore detects some change in the computer such as installation of a new driver or a new program. However, to be on safe side, you can manually create Restore Point before getting any new program or drive installed. This will keep your files safe and even if your computer crashes in course of the installation process, you will be easily able to restore your files using the Restore Point.

Learn how to create a Restore Point

Remember, Restore Point creation is possible only on computers running on Windows 7 and above versions.

· Go to the “Start” button, present in the extreme left side of the bottom bar.

· Click on it to get the menu and then right click on “My Computer.” You can also go to “My Computer” icon in the desktop, if it’s available in your PC.

· On right clicking “My Computer,” you will get a list where you have to select the last tab named “Properties.”

· A window will open where you need to locate the “System Protection” button in the left pane, click on it.

· If you are prompted for administrator permission, then you have to put a password to gain the administrator permission.

· Once through with your password, you need to click on “System Protection” tab and then on “Create” tab.

· On clicking the “Create” tab, you will get a description box where you have to give a name for small description to your manually created Restore Point so that you can identify it later on.

This is how you can create your Restore Points and keep your files saved.

How to use System Restore?

Before using the Restore Point, you need to save all your opened files and close all of those because System Restore will reboot your PC. To use the Restore Point you need to follow the following points:

· Click on the “Start” button and in the search box type ‘System Restore’ and check the results and click on “System Restore.”

· If you are prompted for the administrator password, then you will be asked for administrator permission. Type the password and gain access.

· Next the wizard for System Restore will open. You simply have to follow the steps in the wizard which will lead you to the list of Restore Points. You can choose the Restore Point you have created and then can restore your computer.

· On doing this, the computer will restart and you can retrieve even the corrupted files.

It is important to note here that System Restore automatically recommends the Restore Points that have been created most recently before a significant change, like installation of driver or any other program. It may so happen that you manually created a Restore Point and later to that also the system automatically created another Restore Point. The restore system will recommend the most recent created Restore Point only, you can directly choose the one recommended to you or can select yourself created one from the list of Restore Points.

However, it is recommended that always use the recently created Restore Points only. While in the self created Restore Points you should add your own description, so that the automatically created one takes up the name of a close event in course of which it got created.

By creating Restore Points, users can feel safe about the data stored. System crash is one of the worst possible ways under which data gets lost. But Restore Points give protection from such a loss by making data restoration possible and easy.

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