How to Create Quality Online Video Content

By: Dave Carter

Online videos have become a popular source of entertainment and information. It is also an effective means to reach a wider audience and advertise your business. The trend in online videos and video ads has become an opportunity for many businesses whether small or large they may be. With more and more people logging in and getting their daily dose of information and entertainment online, there is much to gain through this popular medium.

In terms of advertising, general recall is twice higher for online video ads than on TV. The cost is much cheaper as well if you advertise online. Marketers can just pay for videos ads that were viewed and not those that were skipped by users. Even traditional banner ads are now converted to video to replace JPEG and GIF formats. The engagement is much higher for high-quality video content.

A research conducted by Retrevo shows that about 5% of Americans only watch their TV content online, and 64% get some of their TV content online. In 2010, a study also shows that users are spending roughly the same number of hours on the Internet as they do in front of their TVs. With this uptrend, online video advertising is one medium to take advantage of.

Moreover, consumers are now relying more on consumer-generated content than content created by marketers themselves. Users follow and subscribe to other users for information, reviews, and product recommendations. They also gain popularity through quality videos and content.

If you are a user who wants to gain popularity in online videos sharing sites or a business that hopes to advertise your products and reach a wider audience, here are some ways on how you can create quality and effective online video content.

Make It Short But Effective

With the short attention span of people these days, the goal is to be able to capture a viewer's attention at the first few seconds of your video. Keep it simple, impactful, and concise. For a marketer, it takes skill, concept, and understanding of the market to be able to create a quality and effective video banner ad or pre-roll video. Users, on the other hand, must be able to deliver the offer or the main storyline or purpose of the video before anything else.

Know Your Target Audience

What makes a successful marketer a cut above the rest? It is by knowing the target audience and catering to the unique taste and preferences of that market. If you, for example, are targeting female teens and young adults, the choice in music, graphics, and personality must appeal to this demographic. The offer in itself must cater to the needs and wants of your target audience.

Veer Away from Traditional and Overdone Concepts and Formats

One of the difficult things to do when creating video content is to be original. At times, things that you may have come up with might already been done and used by another marketer or user. Make sure you are creating something original or offer something different to your target audience. Veer away from boring formats and overused themes that people can easily skip through or forget about. Keep in mind that when you want to create recall, you must be original and innovative as well. Not all well-crafted videos have good concepts and originality.

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Dave Carter is an independent consultant for small businesses. His expertise in consumer electronics and online marketing is backed up by 12 years of experience in the industry. To know more online video information, visit AudienceTV site.

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