How to Conceive a Boy - Advice to Help You Beat the Gender Lottery

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Childbirth is always a miracle and a gift, regardless of the gender of the baby. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to have a boy rather than a girl. Some expecting parents may feel guilty that they have a preference, but this is actually a very common feeling. While there are some methods that are believed to help conceive a boy, other than artificial insemination, there is really no way to ensure a male child.

For parents trying to conceive a boy, odds are actually in your favor; statistics show that fifty-one boys are born to every forty-nine girls. While there is not much you can do to make sure you conceive a male, there are some techniques that aim at how to conceive a boy as well as some urban legends. Although this will not guarantee results, they do not hurt to try.

Methods like the Shettles Method work on the principle that Y chromosomes move faster than X chromosomes and so, the way to conceive a boy is to make sure the Y chromosome reaches the egg first. It is recommended to have intercourse no more than 24 hours prior to ovulation and no later than 12 hours. Deep penetration during intercourse is also recommended because it deposits the chromosomes closer to the cervix and the more aggressive Y chromosomes have a greater chance of fertilizing the egg.

Many methods that teach how to conceive a boy are based on timing. Methods such as the Whelan method suggests having intercourse early in the woman's monthly cycle. Other methods such as the Chinese Conception chart match a woman's age with the month of when the child is conceived for this chart to work, you must use the mother's lunar age as well as the lunar month.

Calendars are available to determine more accurate results.
There have also been many urban myths that explain how to conceive a boy and many women will swear by these tips. Some women believe if you want to have a son, have your partner drink coffee before intercourse; this is said to speed up the movement of the Y chromosome and help it reach the egg faster. Other myths instruct women to change their diets before conceiving a child because there is a belief that certain foods will increase the chance of a boy. Changing your diet to include red meats, salty foods and sodas may help conceive a boy. However, if you are looking to change your diet, make sure it is something your body can handle.

Having a child is a beautiful thing, no matter what the outcome of the gender. Remember that these tips on how to conceive a boy are not going to 100% guarantee a baby boy. But they can drastically improve your chances. Remember, there is nothing wrong with having a preference and these tips will not hurt to try in order to conceive a son.

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