How to Combat Maritime Piracy?

By: Shyam Paliwal

Maritime security is a big thing for the ships that works as commercial cargo across the globe. Maritime security companies came into being quite some time ago. But it became really necessary for the cargos and other commercial ships to avail the useful security services because of the massive piracy along some coasts around the world.

The most infamous maritime piracy is executed on the Gulf of Aden and along the coastline of Somalia. The Somali rebels execute continuous attacks on the cargos that pass through the Gulf of Aden. There have been many reported cases of ship hijacks, kidnappings and killing of the crew in the recent times.

Piracy along the shores of Somalia and Gulf of Aden has posed as a potential hazard for the ships and cargos. The rate of crime in this area alone is so frequent that the cargos or commercial vessels that pass through that stretch pay a huge amount of piracy insurance to recover the cost loss that they face. The Somali rebels are said to be one of the most violent among their kinds and when we talk about piracy, Gulf of Aden is the most infamous of them all. The year 2008 has seen more than one hundred cases of ruthless attacks and hijackings of the vessels and cargos creating heavy losses for the commercial companies.

With the increasing rate of piracy, the need for maritime security companies increased rapidly in order to combat the Somalia pirates. The security companies may not help diminishing the crime rates on the sea, but they have the latest technology as well as the methodology to help the crews combat the pirates and save their ships from the pirates.

The maritime security companies offer anti piracy training sessions for the crews where they learn how to tackle an emergency situation when their ship is attacked. They are taught the tips and tricks to combat the pirates and a well as unarm them if possible. The crews are provided with maritime software and GPS devices that help them to track pirate vessels from a very long distance. The security companies keep on providing shipping news to the vessels, so that the crew can act accordingly and save themselves and their ships from the plunders of the pirates. In most cases, the efforts and technology involved in the anti piracy training have helped the crews to act and save their ships from the pirates.

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