How to Click Awesome Group Photograph like a Pro

By: Raph Daryl

One of the most prevalent types of photos that you will come across in any photo collection is the group photograph. People often find clicking photos of individuals difficult, but with a group photograph, this difficulty is magnified by the number of people present in the picture. There are several challenges that a photographer will face trying to capture the ideal shot from getting the expression of each individual right to ensuring that all fit the frame perfectly. Some other challenges which you might face could be:

1. One or the other persons in the photo might be blinking.

2. Some might have a serious expression while some might be super happy.

3. The light might fall differently on a subject, spoiling the entire picture.

But worry not because even though group photography is no piece of cake, it is definitely a lot of fun. All you need is some patience to master the basics and practice enough. Then whether it is a college party, school function, wedding, or a simple group of friends asking you to click their photo, getting the perfect shot will be simple and joyful.

Build a connection

Half the battle is won if you can build a warm, friendly connection with your subjects. Getting them to open in front of the camera, be relaxed and stand confidently will actually take your shots to a whole new level. Therefore, while you are preparing for the shot, ensure that you talk to your subjects, joke around with them and generally ask them to relax.

Prepare yourself

Keeping your subjects waiting while you fiddle around with the camera and scout the location for the best shot can actually put everyone off. Ensure that you have done all the scoping, prepared the tripods and inserted fresh batteries. It also helps to visualize mentally how you want to pose everyone in the photo so that you can get started as soon as everyone assembles.

Play with multiple poses

Depending on what type of photograph you want to click, you can always get as creative as you want when it comes to poses. And trust me, there's always a different pose for every group photograph. You do not want to have all group photos in which the taller ones are standing behind the shorter ones in a couple of rows and smiling. Get them to experiment. If it's a small group, you can ask a few to stand still and the rest to move around. Or you can take an elevated shot from a height for a different picture. There are just so many possibilities and that is why group photography can be so enjoyable!

Go for detail

When shooting a group photo, try not losing out on the details of individuals. You can do this by going as close as possible without cutting out people. A clear photograph with clear details is really pleasing to the eye. Also, ask the subjects to raise their chins; it helps in hiding double chins so they will always thank you later!

The bottom line is that you can always experiment till you get the best shot. This is perhaps the best aspect of digital photography.

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