How to Clean and Take Care of Wicker Furniture

By: Jacklina

Wicker furniture is easy to clean and will help it look great year after year. It can withstand certain degree of moisture stress without any serious yield or quality loss. The nice part about it is that it will resume its size and shape when it dries.

Wicker furniture can be used inside or outside if it is placed under a protective overhang, such as a patio with an awning. Great tools to keep around for cleaning wicker include tooth brushes, vegetable brush, paint brush or similar implement.

If conditions are too dry, the wicker can dry out and become brittle. Wiping occasionally with a damp (not wet) sponge may help.

Wicker furniture must be dusted regularly to keep it in good condition. To remove surface dust, regularly vacuum wicker furniture using the soft bristle brush attachment. Use a damp sponge and a little bit of mild detergent mixed with water to remove the stain or spill. Wipe the soap off with a clean, soft, damp cloth.

Perhaps once a year or every other year, raw wicker may need complete washing. Use a quick splash of water to rinse the piece.

If mildew and mold to appear, remove them using a water and mild bleach cleaning solution. Dry the outdoor wicker furniture immediately, because as noted earlier, repeated contact with water can cause damage. Apply a coat of varnish to bring out the natural colour of the wicker.

If the finish on your wicker needs refreshing, it's a good idea to paint it.
If it is painted, then it may be a good idea to strip the furniture for refinishing work. To refinish wicker furniture, dust it carefully and apply a liquid paint stripper. You will need some stripper liquid to soften the wicker. Be sure to scrub off all traces of the stripper using a stiff-bristle brush dipped into detergent and water.

Now you can paint the piece of furniture you wanted to repaint. Wicker furniture looks great with a fresh coat of paint, and you can paint it any color you wish.

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