How to Clean Cork Flooring

By: Vikram Kuamr

Cork is a durable material but that does not mean you should not take good care of your flooring. Cleaning is one of the ideal ways of taking good care of cork flooring and this article will discuss the best ways of doing that. You may have your own ways of doing it but this is the standard cleaning procedure that will be recommended by manufacturers. In case liquids spill to the flooring, you should take the least time possible to wipe it out. A paper towel should be used because moulds will begin to build if the liquid penetrates to the inner parts of the flooring.

Sweeping the floor regularly will help clear any dust or particles that have settled down. Use a bristled broom to sweep because it will reach all parts of the floor no matter how hidden they are. The broom should also be soft because a coarse one will leave ugly scratches on the floor. Where use of water is required, it should be warm and mixed with a suitable cleaning agent like soap. It is good you consider the type of cleaning agent you are to use because some are dangerous and can damage the flooring. Choose one that is not reactive and its ratio with water should be proportionate.

If any of the two has to be more than the other then it has to be water. The detergent should at no point be more than water. Mix the two completely, dip the mop into the mixture, squeeze it and then start wiping out the floor. The mop should not be soaked because it can cause saturation which is not good for cork flooring. Make sure you have touched every part of the floor until you are satisfied that it is thoroughly cleaned. After that, you can allow the floor to air-dry but wipe it with a soft cloth in case you deem the floor watery. That will accelerate the drying process. Your flooring will be cleaned and the same process should be repeated every time you want it cleaned.

Rearrangement of the furniture will be inevitable when its cleaning time and you should be very careful on how you do it. The furniture should never be pulled along the flooring as it can cause untold damages. You should lift the furniture or use sliders which will protect the cork flooring from scratches. Also, never subject your flooring to direct sunlight when drying it because it can cause fading. Use shades, drapes or blinds which will offer for quick drying without dangers of fading out. The alternative of vacuuming using an agitator should not be entertained because it is known to cause scratches to cork.

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Cork flooring should be kept clean all the time for durability purposes among many other applicable reasons. The frequency of how that is done should not be a major concern but how you do it as there are those harmful to cork floors. You must know what to do and what to ignore when cleaning these floors.

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