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If you're searching for new operator consoles for your Control Room, you likely already know that there are a number of options available. Although it may be tempting to simply purchase the cheapest model, it's important to ensure that you get something that will work for your specific application. Purchasing an inexpensive option won't save any money if you have to replace it sooner than expected because it isn't meeting your needs. Thus, choosing the right furniture prior to your first investment is vital. Here are a few strategies to help you decide which option is best for your organization.
Do You Have Room for Additional Displays?
When it comes to working as an industrial operator, it's important to simultaneously have eyes and ears on multiple sources of information. A change in one data stream could affect operations in another, and that means it is vital to be able to identify and react to such changes in short order. Your operator console should come equipped not only with sufficient displays for your current needs, but also additional monitor mounts, either above or beside your main screens. Having these extra monitor mounts means that if your operator or control system needs change, you can install extra displays as necessary without having to invest in additional Control Room Consoles equipment.
Can You Adjust the Height of the Desk?
It's also important to consider ergonomics when choosing a workstation. You will certainly want your current operator to feel comfortable at the console, but you also want to think ahead. Your current operator could be promoted, resign, or take parental leave, meaning you would need to recruit another operator who may not have the same physical working preferences as the previous employee. If your operator console isn't adjustable, your new operator could feel trapped or awkward working around a workstation that is designed for another person. Selecting an operator console with a Height Adjustable Consoles top and/or monitor mounts means that despite a change in personnel, your new operator will be able to adjust the workstation to his or her own needs, saving you time and money.
Pyrotech Workspace provides unique Data Centre Furniture with the Height Adjustable Consoles & modular workstation console. Our professional Control Room Designers provide custom control room solutions & products & console designed for various purposes.
Does the Unit Have Storage Space?
Operators often need to have access to a variety of equipment and resources. If this equipment is not easily accessible, your operator may need to go searching for it, which translates to a productivity loss for your organization. The ideal operator console will have ample storage space for computers and other equipment needed to run a production process. Talk to your operators about their unique storage needs and invest in a console that is up to the task.
When it comes to purchasing a new Control Room Furniture, it's important to consider the unique needs of your staff and your organization. The ideal workstation will have ample room for additional displays in the future, the ergonomic flexibility of an adjustable monitor, and enough storage space for essential equipment.
If you're looking for a new operator console for your organization, talk to your operators about their specific needs.
A Control Room Console is one of the most essential elements of control room Architecture. It is the support system for controlling and monitoring various task critical operations within a defined territory. The control room designer designs Command Centre Furniture, Console for Control rooms, Engineering Desk such that its operation function, feasibility is adaptable and is a task specific factor. The placing of consoles within a control room is such that, the operators could interact with each other without any hindrances in communication during emergency situations, which demands for a dedicated and distraction free monitoring environment.
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