How to Choose the Best Transport Wheelchair

By: Clint Jhonson

A transport wheelchair helps mobility challenged people to move around with little effort. It can also promote quick recovery because the patient can go out, enjoy the air, and benefit from sunshine. A transport wheelchair is also beneficial for nursing care providers. They will not experience difficulty moving their patients. If you want to have these dual benefits, then the Nova wheelchairs are the best products for you.

When choosing a transport wheelchair, its weight should be your first concern. Wheelchairs should be lightweight. A light transport wheelchair can be easily carried and moved around without unduly burdening the health care provider. Lightweight wheelchairs also benefit the patients. Imagine trying to move a very heavy wheelchair with you hands. You will surely sweat a lot and be very uncomfortable in your stroll outside. But if your transport wheelchair is light, you can drive it even with little effort.

Folding capability is another important factor to consider when choosing a wheelchair. If you have an easy to fold and compact wheelchair, it can be kept anywhere without taking up much space. Your wheelchair should also have durable and reinforced fabric materials. This is to avoid stretching and fabric tearing. Surely you would want your wheelchair to be durable enough for everyday use. Weak fabric will cost you more in terms of wheelchair maintenance and replacement.

Fortunately, these characteristics of a good wheelchair can be found in Nova wheelchairs. Nova wheelchairs, especially its Comet Lightweight Transport Chair, are ultra light. These wheelchairs weigh only 22 pounds so anyone can carry it for easier transport and mobility. Even you can benefit from the lightweight material of Nova wheelchairs. You will not exert too much effort when you use Nova wheelchairs. The Nova Lightweight Comet also has durable clothing material made of reinforced fabric. It is guaranteed to provide longer services even if you use it everyday.

Nova wheelchairs are manufactured by Nova Ortho-Med. It is the foremost company producing high quality mobility products. It has more than 2 decades of experience in the mobility care and mobility solutions industry. Aside from its excellent line of transport wheelchairs, it can also offer different types of walkers and accessories that can help you move around and stay mobile. The best features of Nova wheelchairs are the reliable and easy to operate hand breaks. These will surely protect your from any accidents. Nova wheelchairs also have chic and classy designs.

If you want to easily purchase Nova wheelchairs, simply order online from Scooterville. All mobility products that you can find at Scooterville are covered by warranties. Specifically, the Nova Comet Transport Wheelchair has a lifetime warranty. You also have the privilege of a 30-day return guarantee from Scooterville. These guarantees are designed to protect you as a valued consumer. The best thing is, if you order transport wheelchairs from Scooterville, you will be given free shipping and delivery privileges. So all you have to do is wait for your wheelchair so you can go out again and enjoy the outdoors.

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