How to Choose the Best Heartworm Medicine

By: SA Perillo

If you have your very own canine or feline as a house pet, then you probably know a thing or two about how to keep them safe. Most probably, you have already heard of a lot of major and minor diseases that may become either hazardous or fatal for your most beloved pet. Are you the type of pet owner who may have the tendency to be alarmed by simple colds that your pets are able to contract? That is perfectly understandable. No one wants their beloved dog or cat to be sick and that is why there are a lot of products or medicines that have emerged out in the market today for wary pet owners like you. However there is one infamous condition that is very common among pets, namely cats and dogs, which if untreated can be very fatal to them – a condition called “Heartworm”.

First off, there are a lot of treatments and medicines in the market today that can work wonders and address the problem of heartworm. If you are thinking that there is one brand or method that is certifiably world renowned for the miracle of eradicating this feline or canine disease, then the answer would unfortunately disappoint. On the other hand, treating heartworm disease is on a case to case basis, meaning the symptoms, conditions, and the method of treatment are all unique and they vary in a lot of ways. But if all goes well and the treatments are administered properly, then the results would ideally be the same and all for the better.

There are three methods most known in addressing the problem of heartworm in cats and dogs, namely injections, oral, and topical. In order to select the most appropriate method of treatment, you must naturally determine if your pet really has heartworm and how far along it is as far as severity is concerned. Oral and topical heartworm treatments are the more preferred methods especially in the Unites States as more pet owners find these easier to administer. Injections are usually a more aggressive method for heartworms that involve a higher degree of adult larvae and would best be treated under the more professional supervision of a veterinarian. Otherwise, oral and topical methods are available to make our lives just a little bit easier. Oral methods offer a variety of flavored pills or tablets in lieu of a spoon full of sugar that might just help in making the medicine go down a lot easier.

As far as topical or “spot on” heartworm medicine is concerned, the only main consideration would have to be the skin quality or sensitivity of your pet with regard to the application of the medicine. You would have to make sure that your pet would not have any allergic reactions with the cream or ointment. Other than these things, you can rest assured that these treatments would address the problem very well, most especially if administered religiously at proper intervals and frequency. Now keeping your beloved pet safe from this disease has never felt so empowering. With these heartworm medicines, you call the shots.

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