How to Choose an Angle in Press Release Writing

By: Elisa Whealer

The difficult part in writing a press release is identifying your main message and what items or details to incorporate in it. In this article, you will learn the most important things that should go into your press release.
How to Determine the Contents in a Press Release
1. Although decision-making is left to most, if not all, corporate executives, it is not always the rule come press release- writing time because two (or more) heads are much better than one. What this means is to get the suggestions of your entire team on what to include in the body of your companys press release. The more people that will help you with it, the better it will come out to be. 2. After gathering your teams thoughts, you can now sit down and narrow down the ideas so that only the most important items are to be included in your press release. Highlight on those that will have the biggest impact on your financials as these are most critical to success. 3. You may still reuse the ideas that did not come out in this wave of marketing campaign and shelve them for future use. The next time you ask for suggestions from your team, you can consider these ideas but evaluate them first for suitability. 4. When deciding on what to say, its always a good point to describe your product under one category and highlight what benefits
Your Products Selling Point is the Main Message
With a strong and clear message, your audience will be able to retain it in their minds. They will be able to remember it when related products or services come to mind.
Your main message or messages, should be crafted creatively. This will be your selling point. You can actually influence your audience here. You can make them think about your products and services; or your can direct the message so that it can evoke emotions for them to act"like to feel the need to buy or avail of the value your products offer.
Make the Sales Pitch
Essentially, everything that you do to promote your business or product is actually a sales pitch, although many may not want to think of it this way.
So in writing a press release, do your sales pitch with taste. Dont sound pushy and most of all, dont sound desperate. If you know you offer products of good quality and services of value to your customers, then say it with confidence. In your release, make the sales pitch that emphasizes on the value and the benefits your business can provide to the customers.

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