How to Choose a Quality Scented Candle

By: Catherine Olivia

Candle Candle making can become a lucrative business if you don't watch out. It generally starts out as a home hobby that becomes a passion that becomes a small business. And, as you know, small businesses grow into big businesses. The best thing about candle making is that it really doesn't take any special expensive equipment to start. You can start with small simple single wax candles in simple containers and then once you think you really get the hang of it you can experiment with different types of waxes, colors and fragrances.

Candle making is an easy thing to learn how to do along with being a great way to express your artistic abilities. From the choice of wax to the choice of candle shape, color and fragrance it's all in your hands. Homemade candles make wonderful gifts for family and friends or birthdays, holidays or special occasions. If you know your best friends favorite scent is lavender wouldn't it be wonderful to make her a lavender scented candle in a container that you know matches the theme of her home? She would love it.

People have been fashioning candles of one sort or another for thousands of years and candle making was a thing of necessity. If you wanted to have light to see, you needed a candle. Each family made it's own supply of candles. Today's candles are used strictly to enhance a room, to add romance or to add ambiance for a special dinner or an evening or a celebration.

If you really don't have any interest in learning how to make candles that's OK too. There are literally thousands available for sale. Some are manufactured by well known brands like Yankee Candles or White Barn Candles or Diptyque Candles, some are lesser know, those home businesses that we mentioned above. While Yankee Candles have the fragrances that we all know like Christmas Pine or Cookie Dough, designer candles like Diptyque have bolder more sophisticated fragrances such as Garden Mint, Honey, Mimosa and Myrrh.

Of course fragranced pillar candles are still popular as are tea light candles. Fragranced pillar candles make wonderful table centerpieces, as do tea light candles floating magically in water. There is a never ending variety of candle holders such as candle sticks and tealight candle holders, wrought iron candle holders and candle wall sconces. Some of these candle holders are works of art unto themselves and can beautifully illuminate a room, while allowing the candle to add a lovely fragrance.

You may also find candles made from all natural soy wax and not paraffin wax. More and more home candle makers and candle manufacturers are using all natural soy wax over paraffin. Paraffin wax is not ecologically friendly as soy wax is. Paraffin wax actually contains some toxins that are released into the air when the candle is lit, soy wax is pure. Paraffin wax is also a by product of the production of oil, soy wax is a totally renewable crop grown by farmers. Soy candles don't burn as hot as paraffin wax candles.

Some of the most popular quality scented candles on the market today are White Barn Candles and Classic Candles Scentsations Candles. These are modestly priced quality scented candles. Don't be surprised though if you see some brands, such as Diptyque selling at $48.00. There is a big difference in quality of candles between makers. There are different types of wax, such as paraffin and natural soy wax, and then different grades of paraffin wax. Candle making is an art that requires attention to detail as wax must be melted to a specific temperature before fragrance and coloring are added. It must then be cooled to a specific temperature before it can be poured into the container or mold. The choice of wick is important. A quality candle will have a long burn life and will burn evenly and cleanly.

As with most things, you get what you pay for when you purchase candles. If you're not particularly interested in quality scent or the quality of the burn, if you just want a decorative candle you can find them for any price. However, there are many differences in quality of candles because there are many different qualities of wax and coloring and fragrance agents used by candle makers. If you want a candle for scent, and want a candle that will burn evenly you'll want to spend a bit more to ensure you get these qualities.

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