How to Choose a Natural Looking Wig

By: Eric Rhein

A very common fear felt by men who are considering purchasing a wig is that people will know that they are wearing one. After all, while there is little doubt that a man with a full head of hair looks significantly more attractive than a man who is going bald, there is still a certain stigma attached to wearing a wig.

While I completely disagree that wearing a wig is something to be ashamed of, I do understand men wanting to keep the fact to themselves when meeting strangers, particularly the female variety. Therefore when selecting a wig, your primary focus should be on how natural it looks on you. When searching for a natural looking wig, remember the following four tips.

Choose Human Hair over Synthetic

Your choice between synthetic and human hair will play a major role in how natural looking your wig will be. Synthetic hair wigs have the advantages that they are significantly cheaper and they come already styled and ready to put on. Human hair wigs on the other hand, need to be cut and styled after you buy them and they cost quite a bit more. Human hair wigs are however significantly more natural looking.

Be Cautious When Choosing the Color

While it can be interesting to go for a new hair color, in most cases, men are better off purchasing a wig that matches their existing hair color or is at least close to it. This is because you want your new wig to match both your skin tone and your eye brows. Generally, when men choose a color very different to their own, something always appears a bit off about their appearance.

Match it to Your Specific Features

Always remember that just because a particular wig style looks good on somebody in a photo, that does not mean that it will look good on you. To find a natural looking wig that looks great on you, you need to consider your facial features and even more importantly your overall head shape. Short or curly styles are usually great for oblong head shapes whereas if you have more of a square head shape, you are better off going for a layered wig. It goes without saying that you should always try before you buy.

Donít Be Afraid to Spend a Little More

While there is no need to break the bank, it is important to purchase a wig that is made out of high quality hair and one that has been designed by a professional company. Once you find a wig that suits you and looks perfectly natural, you would be surprised at how attached you get to the hair style that it gives you and you are not going to regret whatever you paid for it. Therefore don't be cheap when making your decision. Although purchasing a high quality wig means spending a bit more cash, you are likely to consider it a very good investment in the long run.

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