How to Choose a Chicken Coop

By: Malcolm Nguyen

Buying a chicken coop is not something that you should do on the spur of the moment. You need to get the housing for your bird’s right and this will mean knowing exactly what you should be looking for. So here are some tips on how to choose a chicken coop that you need to know.

Count your chickens – you will need to provide around 10 square feet of space per bird inside the coop for them to be healthy. So do your maths and work out how large the coop that you need will have to be.
Factor in extra space for a rooster – these birds will need, on average an extra 2 feet of space so factor this in when you are choosing backyard chicken coops. Bear in mind that you will only be having a single rooster depending on how many birds you have.

Will you be keeping chicks? If so you will need to give them an environment that is warm enough for them to grow and thrive. Look out for specialist coops if this is what you are intending to do.

Think about the design of the coop – is your chicken house going to be a single storey or will it has different levels for the birds to explore? If you buy a wooden chicken coop you might be able to expand it by adding a run or other sections at a later date, so this is something to keep in mind.

Look at safety – your coop should protect your birds from other animals so make sure that it is well built and will not allow predators into it. The gate or door of the coop should lock firmly and not swing open.

Consider the height of the coop – if you want a great chicken coop your birds should be able to roost comfortably. There are many styles that will incorporate a single level or double levels of roosts to make your birds happy and content.
Make sure there is plenty of space for a feeder and waterer – these are essential items in your chicken coop and there must be enough room for these to be in place for your chickens to use.

Make sure it is easy to clean – any of the all weather proof coops that you are interested in should be easy to clean. This is essential as you do not want your birds to fall ill through unsanitary conditions. Think about how you can get in and out of the coop to clean it and factor this in when you are making your purchase.

Check the size of the mesh – if the holes in the mesh wire are too large other animals can get into the chicken coop and this is something that you want to avoid. The smaller the better in most cases as these will let a breeze blow through the coop preventing respiratory disease in your birds, yet it will still provide an enclosed fence area for your birds to exercise outside.

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