How to Choose Your Golf Clothes

By: Zion Keith

Golf is a sport that has a particular fashion and a particular style all of its own. For a long time golf has been considered a 'gentleman's' sport, and it's the only game that you could realistically imagine Bond playing while sipping martini in order to settle a dispute, or that you could have a business meeting while playing.

For this reason then, if you take your golf seriously then you also need to take your golf clothes seriously, particularly as they will have an impact on how well you play the game too and on how seriously other people take you. Here we will look at some tips to help you pick the best golf clothes so you look the part and so you can play your best.

Tops and Trousers

When you play golf your clothes should be designed to make you look the part but also aid you in your performance. This means right away that you're looking at polo necks, pastel colours and golf shirts that will make you fit in when you're out on the green. Put some time and thought into your look, and think 'preppy' when choosing your ensemble. Avoid going all green unless you want to get hit by a stray ball…

At the same time you also need to think practically and if you're wearing a thick woolly jumper then this can get in the way of your swing and affect your game. Your clothes should be light and comfortable, and they should be relatively form fitting so that they don't slow you down. You will be playing in all weather too though, so make sure that you have an outfit for every temperature and rain or shine. This means you'll need at least one coat for instance that can be worn while playing golf without getting in the way of your swing.


Your golf shoes are a very important part of your outfit and something that really can affect how you play. This is something you need to consider to make sure that you are not only comfortable once again and able to stand level on the grass, but also to ensure that you get the best possible swing and have the utmost grip on the ground below you. Note that all power generated in a golf swing starts off in your feet (equal and opposite reaction ring any bells?) so you need to have a good connection to the ground. Avoid shoes with a big heel.


A golf hat can make a big difference when you're playing. Not only is this a way to keep warm (we lose 90% of our body heat through our heads because head rises), but if it has a peek then this is also a great way to block out the sunlight – and a bit of glare could conceivably be the difference between a hole in one and a bogey.


Finally make sure you have a good glove that increases your grip on the club but at the same time allows you to actually feel it and perform other tasks like checking your phone.

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