How to Choose ID Card Printers

By: Jack Mathew

ID card printers are quite easy to use just as other printers available in the market. Most of the ID card printers work on a different principle from laser and inkjet printers and therefore it becomes necessary to gain knowledge on their technology to develop better understanding. An ID card printer performs multiple functions at one point of time. In addition to its core objective of printing ID cards, it encodes the magnetic stripe, smart card as well as proximity card. All these features enhance its usability. These printers come with preinstalled software that very well manages the printed as well as encoded data.

There are varied kinds of card printers in the market; each having its own set of features and benefits. Exercising choice from among them undeniably becomes challenging. Before choosing the best card printer for you, first decide what features and capabilities you want your printer to have. You need to take into consideration both physical as well as technological aspects of the printer. As a general rule, heavy ID card printers having large footprint are believed to have greater abilities and more durability. Light printers, on the other hand, are considered to be better when the usage is not much.

While choosing the right ID card printer, you need to consider the following aspects:

Do you need a single sided card or a double sided card?

You need to decide whether you want your printer to print images or information on one side or both sides of the card. Single sided card printer is good for simple uses. It is best for printing student ID cards and employee ID cards. Double sided card printers on the contrary are more suitable for large organizations, where there is need for greater security.

Do you require the feature of encoding smart cards, proximity cards and magnetic stripes?

Card printers offering this feature are useful for banks, schools, hospitals and government offices. Printers capable of encoding smart cards and proximity cards are based on radio frequency technology that leads to greater efficiency, more ease of use and lastly higher security.

Do you have the requirement for security features such as holograms?

There are ID card printers that offer specific features like hologram in addition to basic encoding. This feature reduces the overall risk of loss caused due to altering or forging of the printed images.

Do you need monochromatic images or multi colored images?

While choosing the ID card printer, you also need to decide whether you want monochromatic (single color) images on your card or multi colored images. If you feel the need to have this security feature, it is recommended to opt for customized holograph that is only available with you and not meant to be bought by others.

Once you are in a position to answer all these questions, you will be better able to decide as to which is the best ID card printer for you. When you have all the components you want to have in your printer, you can get the photo ID card of your desired quality.

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