How to Buy Used Cars in Mumbai without any Faults

By: George Velvet

The first important step towards buying used car is to have a budget. You should get a loan quote before going out to check your car. Get tax rates and insurance quotes before signing any contract. It is advisable to compare car prices the dealer is offering you with those on classifieds. It can be different than in your city to buy used cars in Mumbay and for this reasonyou need a thorough research for the best deals away from home.

Important documents of a car should be asked for when you choose to buy used cars in Mumbai. For instance a document like the Car Make i.e. Companyís service book will greatly help you learn about the history of the car you are interested in. This document will show you the previous owners, where you can contact them and other relevant information about the car mileage, modifications and services that were done it. You should also ask for R.C. Book i.e. Registration Certificate Book for vehicles that have more than 3 years. The vehicle registration number can help you check its status and history.

Physical verification is important after choosing to buy used car to identify any repairs that are needed. You should do your verification before purchasing the vehicle and the car should not be wet when doing so, as water hides dents and scratches. A careful assessment will help you identify cloning, as well as cut-and-shut where parts from different vehicles are welded together. . Other things to check for include mileage, which should not be lower than expected for a used car. The cam belt, break fluid and antifreeze should be done after a certain mileage and the car records should help you identify these factors. Donít forget to check the handbook when you buy used cars in Mumbai.

Carrying out a test drive whenever you buy used cars in Mumbai and any other place is always essential to identify any mechanical faults. Ensure that all controls are operating. Driving position should be comfortable. Boots and child seats should work properly without being forced in place. Check the wheels for locking nuts and under the bonnet after the driving test. Finally, before making any payments, agree on delivery terms, confirm the price, upgrading tasks and get a receipt which should have price, sellerís details, vehicle details and terms of the contract. By using these simple guidelines you will have a successful experience when buying a used car.

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To buy used car you should know exactly what you are looking for and how much you can afford to spend on it. Furthermore, you can easily buy used cars in Mumbai and any other place, as long as you understand the basic things you should pay attention to.

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