How to Build a Go Cart Frame

By: Robert Thomson

A good Go Cart must not only be fast, it must also be tough and sturdy. It is thus important to know how to build a Go Cart frame that can weather any type of obstacle and provide its rider with the proper protection.

Before figuring out how to build a Go Cart frame, one must first figure out its dimensions. This can be done by getting down on the floor and imagine riding the projected cart. Then, using a chalk, draw on the floor the measurements of the frame with convenient enough space for the rider’s legs. To accommodate two riders, a frame’s width is commonly 1/3 to 2/3 its size at the wheel base.

There are actually two ways of going about how to build a Go Cart frame. The first method is building a cart frame using metal tubing. The tubing is first cut using either a chop saw or a hack saw, and then made to form a mock-up of the frame to see how the finished product may appear. Then using a tube notcher, the round tubing are welded together. In particular, the round tubing where the rider’s feet will rest should be lodged precisely to the tubing, firmly joining the pieces together. Next, the round tubing is to be connected to the square tubing. In order to weld it to the square, the round may be either sawed flat or the end of the round may be heated and hammered flat. The round tubing is then used to put in a roll bar over where the rider’s head shall be as a precaution in case of mishap. To prevent the cart from flipping over, the frame and the seats must be modified two inches from the ground, guaranteeing it a firm center of gravity.

The second method of how to build a Go Cart frame is by making it out of angle iron. One may use the angle iron to build the whole frame, or one may only use it for certain parts that have to be bent into angles. The iron is to be sawed up and laid out as in the previous method. Next, one side of the iron is sawed off, then heated up and bent to form the desired shaped. It is welded afterwards, and the resulting frame is strengthened with additional material for filler. A Harbor Freight pipe bender is used in making bends to decorate the frame.

As the building process requires a lot of welding, one should always be careful in handling the welding equipment if they are inexperienced, or better yet to consult someone who is. Nonetheless, all that hard work will pay off once one has learned how to build a Go Cart frame strong enough to demolish the competition.

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