How to Build Energy Efficient Homes

By: navjeet kaur

These days, the energy efficient houses are in latest trend. It not only uses efficient resources which lower the energy consumption but helps in lowering the level of diseases in the surroundings. These buildings with their classical designs which are concerned with utility, durability, economy and above all it increase the comfort level. When it comes to energy efficient houses, people think it is a costly affair which is not true. There are several ways through which we can make our houses energy efficient that too in affordable prices. Some of the ways are suggested below:

Insulation: it is the most practical way in making your home energy efficient. The main purpose of insulation is that it acts as a barrier for heat loss or heat gain. The insulation can be done on roofs, walls and ceilings. Even the floors can be insulated by carpets, one of the inexpensive ways. This will directly reduces your heating and cooling bill that is how it can be cost effective way to make energy efficient houses. It is very important because of many reasons such as:

• It reduces condensation in the house
• Give numerous health benefits by lowering the amount of moisture in the house
• We would be less dependent on external heating and cooling appliances such as heaters or air conditioners
• Reduce energy consumption which directly affects electricity bills
• Even protects the environment by lowering the emissions of greenhouse gases

Installation of energy efficient appliances – These appliances may be costly affair to install but gives you profit in long run. One of the energy efficient appliances is use of solar panels.

• Installing Solar panels – The solar panels store sun’s energy during day time and provides you large amount of energy. It can be helpful to both our environment as it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and also to the individual as it saves a good amount of money due to reduction in electricity bills.

• Installing wind turbines – If you have large space, you can even install wind turbines. This helps in creating energy from the wind. This also reduces energy consumption.

Increasing plantation in your surrounding – Planting more trees not only improves the environmental condition of the house but also enhances the scenic beauty of the house. Planting trees will give you benefits in both the seasons like in summer they will provide shade and makes the place little cooler where as in winter they are bare so they will allow the sun rays to drop on your house which will makes the place warmer.

Renovate the windows – The windows are the main source of heat loss from the house. You can renovate your window panes in many ways:

• Use of Vinyl frames – The vinyl frames is that it is more resistant to heat transfers than aluminum frames.

• Argon gas filled between multiple panes – There should be multiple panes which should be argon filled because they are helpful in maintaining the temperature. It does not allow temperature to modulate in the house as it acts as a barrier between the outside and inside temperature.

This way we can convert our houses in energy efficient houses. Considering the above mentioned points you can save money as well as can enjoy plentiful of benefits.

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