How to Brush Your Vans Shoes

By: Emma Beth

How to Brush Your Vans Shoes

A pair of Vans Shoes must be your treasure. And you just hope it can work normally for a very long time. But it won't if you do not protect it well.

First, brushing paint. Vans shoes hit the paint, the paint did not dry in the front, quickly

With cotton balls, put a little soft cloth corresponding paint solvents, four weeks from the paint to the center, and gently Yi rub or two, such as the paint has one thousand results, it may rub a few suppressed. Then dry cotton ball, wipe cloth absolute speech.

Then best to use a small piece of raw lard repeated rubbing swab several times. The area is greater than the paint solvent wipe off the area. After your mother, the shoes ventilated shady place to dry on the day, and then wipe cloth lard, coated with the appropriate shoe polish.

Light arrangements can graze. The case of rubber-soled shoes or shoes coated with paint, but also use a soft cloth quickly wipe the paint into a little solvent, but not a solvent droplets out. That is, and then a clean cloth to wash with soap or detergent wipes. After washing with water, put through the cool at the dry wind. If shoes or fabric shoes, kerosene, etc. Used Jing several times dissolved scrub. Rub wash, you cannot let the solvent flow to the rubber-soled shoes, rubber helped on. After the paint wipe, and then soapy water or detergent wash. After eliminating the net with water, the shoe is placed on a dry place to dry.

Second, use brushing oil. If the vans shoes stained with oil, used a soft cloth, toilet paper

Then wipe off and if there are oil spots, strips of cloth used to wipe one or two forced this little soapy water.

Then dry cloth to wipe moisture, can be played with a soft cloth to wipe off the oil, then wipe soapy water. After washing, put a cool ventilated place to dry. If shoes or sneakers fabric, stained with moving, vegetable oil.

General method can be used to wash or soap to wash off the tip and if stained with diesel oil, to use gasoline, kerosene.

Wash, then wash in soapy water or detergent, water elimination net, placed in ventilated dry place to dry operation.

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