How to Be Thrifty In Your Hunting Hobby

By: Eric Clements

Are you a hunting enthusiast? Regardless of whether you're one, I'm sure you'll agree that hunting is a rather expensive pursuit. Especially with all that purchasing of hunting knives, rifles scopes, rifles, accessories etc. And not to forget, those self financed hunting campaigns. But before you cast away your passion for hunting, try these other ways to alleviate the situation.

(1) Get Used Rifles Besides Brand New Ones

other innovative ways to bring down the cost of your hunting hobby is to buy used rifles. If you're doing this the right way, trust me, it can really add up to the savings quickly. A brand new rifle can cut you back by at least couple of hundreds and of course, branded ones can be more expensive.

To bring down this cost expenditure, you'll need to find a dealer that distributes used rifles. Do a check on the seller's via the dealer to ensure that the rifle was legally used before being resold. Remember, always go through an inspection. Some used rifles look good in the pictures but when handled, are actually nothing more than a piece of worthless metal.

Be aware of a few things when you're inspecting the used rifle. For a start, ensure there's no rust around the firing pin area. If there is, the rifle you're looking at, probably wasn't handled with care.

Next, check to see if the bolt's working. You can give this a test by pulling the bolt backwards and let it slam forward. The firing pin will still be intact if it's a good rifle. Lastly, ensure that the grooves in the barrel has no rust and the rifle's bore is clean too.

If you've been thinking of purchasing guns via the internet, you may want to give it a second thought. Such is heavily regulated and weapons bought via the internet has to be sent to a Federal Firearms License holder for a detailed check before it's releaseto you. This may delay the entire purchasing cycle. A service fee will also be levied by the FFL holder, offsetting the savings you actually get from buying the used rifle in the first place.

(2) Shop For Rifle Scopes & Other Hunting Accessories Online

Unlike buying guns over the internet, getting accessories such as rifle scopes and other hunting stuff is relatively hassle free. You may also find better prices in some renowned online stores. Since such stores have lower operational costs, their savings are usually transferred back to the customer, hence making their prices much more attractive that your local stores.

A Nikon Monarch Matte BDC 2.5-10x42, for instance can be 30% cheaper online than what you'll probably get from some of your local retailers! For better bargains, check out what some of the sellers are giving out on eBay. Don't be surprised to find some great auctions at $0.01!

(3) Join Group Safaris

A solo hunting expedition is doesn't come cheap. A few thousands of dollars. Maybe even tens of thousands. In this regard, it definitely makes sense to pool resources with your fellow hunting pals and save on a shared guide, lodging and other costs by travelling in a group. In fact, there are many agencies that provide special group safaris at lower prices.

Doing away with the expense of a guide can help you save more, especially if you're a seasoned hunter and are pretty familiar with the remote surroundings. But bear in mind that if you're just starting out or new to the terrains, getting a guide may actually be better for you! As it can save you a lot of time & hassle!

No matter what, always conduct your own independent research and be discreet. Remember, whatever works for others may not necessary work for you. Nonetheless, there's definitely no harm to just hunt around. Who knows? You may just find a better catch!

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Eric Clements does freelance writing and enjoys hunting in his free time. And also, check out this Leupold Rifle Scopes offer if you're interested.

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