How to Be More Productive With Your Voice

By: Trent S Berger

The spoken word is one of our most powerful tools whether in business or in our personal lives. Using it we can communicate far more quickly and precisely than we could in any other way, we can convey emotion and urgency, and we can inspire loyalty and enthusiasm

Still though, for most of us 'work' doesn't mean talking to people, it generally means sitting at a computer and typing which is a much slower and less precise form of transferring data. If you could use your voice more in your place of work then you would probably be able to get more done more quickly and avoid a great number of complications. Here we will look at how you can use your voice more productively at work in a number of ways.

Call Rather Than E-Mail

With the ease and convenience of e-mailing, the humble phone call is something that we are using less and less to deal with our business partners, colleagues and clients. This is a shame however when you consider that often it takes an exchange of ten or more e-mails to have a conversation with someone and that you often end up misreading things such as tone and urgency. If you want to get things done more quickly and have fewer interruptions then just making a call is almost always the better system. Likewise, making a call can often leave more of a lasting impression on a client or a customer and make them more likely to want to work with you more in future.

Call Rather Than Travel

Calling is better than e-mailing and often it is just as useful as travelling to attend a business meeting. Travelling is something that costs businesses a lot of money and which also has a large impact on the environment, so if you want your business to be more eco-friendly and your bank account to be fuller, consider having teleconferences or video conferences instead of sending your best man on a plane to Tokyo.

Multitask While Calling

Another tip is to multitask when calling. This is something you can't do in a meeting or when you're writing e-mails, but if you have a hands-free kit then there's no reason you can be carrying out copying or packing tasks while you chat thus saving yourself time later. Of course you shouldn't do anything that requires too much brain power or you'll end up doing a worse job.


You can also use your voice to dictate and this is a brilliant way to save yourself time. Doctors will often use a small dictation device to take medical notes when seeing a patient simply because it is much quicker and more efficient than writing it down by hand. You can benefit from something similar if you need to take lots of notes, or if you want to go one step further you can even use dictation software in order to enter text and numbers and thus keep your hands free for other jobs/get more down more quickly.

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