How to Backup and Restore Business Data Online?

By: Adam Beckah

A backup is required if you want to restore important data in case you lose the original data due to some reason such as corruption of data or data loss through deletion. All kinds of businesses are they small or large require to backup business data. As considerable data may need to be backed up, data storage space requirements are large, and a suitable backup solution should be put in place. Managing and organising the data storage space and the backup process requires considerable effort and can become very complicated. Notwithstanding all these complications, business data backup is essential.
Different Data Repository Models
Data repository models may be unstructured, where data can simply be backed up on CDs or data storing devices with hardly any attempt being made to index the information. The complication here is that it will be next to impossible to locate and retrieve any data quickly in case of a breakdown. A full only or system imaging is useful if standard configurations are to be copied, but less effective when on-going backups are required. If this is required, an incremental style of data repository should be resorted to, where the data is organised into increments of change at different periods. Other repositories include reverse delta type repositories, which makes a mirror copy of source data, and records differences between the current state of the mirror and previous states. In the case of continuous data protection, the system logs every change that is detected in the host system. Several companies have begun outsourcing online backup services, which offers them these types of services.
Types of Storage Media
Storage media that are commonly used to store data are magnetic tape, hard discs, optical storage (such as CDs, DVDs and Blue-ray discs), and solid state storage (such as USB flash drives, memory sticks, secure digital cards). All of these storage media have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages, and it is for the user to select his storage media of choice, depending on his requirements.
With the spread of broadband internet access, remote business online backup at a location far removed from the local site is possible, offering protection against disasters that may affect the whole of the local area, endangering the backups that are kept locally. However, uploading speeds and data security (as the data has to be trusted with a service provider) are weaknesses. Moreover, online backup for small businesses may be an expensive proposition for them.
Managing a Data Repository
The data repository may be managed as an online business backup, near-line, off-line (which requires direct human action), off-site or at a disaster recovery centre.

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