How to Avoid Knee Problems

By: Sarah Carlye

One of the main causes of knee problems is carrying around excessive weight. Those who are obese can loose weight walking. Those who are at a healthy weight can maintain that weight by walking. Walking in the Stepgym shoe increases the work the body does and the harder the body works, the more calories that will be burned.

Common knee problems can be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight. Some common knee problems:

• A swollen knee can be caused right after an injury, ligament injury, or fracture. Tears and sprains will cause gradual swelling. Infection and arthritis can also cause knee swelling.
• Popping and cracking sounds in the knee. Popping of the knee is a problem when it is associated with pain because it can be a symptom of a torn ligament.
• Crunching and grounding sensations of the knee joint is often associated with bone grinding against bone when the cartilage is worn away. This is common in people over 50 with arthritis. Those under 50 usually only have this problem when there has been a severe knee injury.
• A knee can’t bend or straightened and is “locked” in a position. This can be caused by pain in the knee or a blockage, like a piece of cartilage wedged in the joint.
• The knee feels like it gives out or is unstable. A torn or stretched ligament is a common cause of this.

The less stress put on the knee due to being overweight, the less risk of injury and damage to the knee.

For those with healing or chronic knee problems, walking can be a low impact way to stay in shape and loose weight. Walking will strengthen the knee and may reduce the risk of knee problems. Walking helps muscles around the knee more efficiently support the knee. It also increases flexibility. Before beginning running or jogging, walking can help get the body in shape so that it can withstand the added physical stress of running.

Wearing a well fitting shoe will reduce the stress on the knee and prevent twisting of the knee that may cause injury. A shoe that reduces impact, like the Stepgym shoe, will also help to reduce the stress on the knee. Avoiding walking on hard surfaces will aid in reducing the impact on the knee.

Always have knee problems evaluated by a health care professional to receive a proper diagnosis for any knee problems.

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