How to Avoid Becoming a Bad Plastic Surgery Statistic

By: nuttall90

Have you seen Freddy Krueger? He can be the perfect example of an imperfect cosmetic operation. No patient would want to have a botched nose job or a flat Breast Lift. New York has its share of plastic surgery horror stories, but those can be minimized with some steps.

To start off, you have to make sure that your surgeon is a certified one. He or she must have passed his boards, meaning the requirements and standards set by the American Board of Plastic Surgery or ABPS have been met. This will let you know that your surgeon has undergone complete and proper training and has the needed experience which makes him or her qualified to operate on you. Skipping this step may lead to a colorectal surgeon performing yourbreast lift. New York is a great city, but you would not want an unqualified surgeon using a scalpel on your body.

Another plus point for your plastic surgeon is to be part of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or ASPS. Aside from the ABPS requirements, ASPS encourages its members to study further. This ensures that they are well-informed about the developments and improvements in various cosmetic surgery techniques.

You may be attracted to the cheap prices and the promise of really good results from surgeons abroad. However, you may end up spending more on any kind of plastic surgery like liposuction or a breast lift. New York may be your best bet or somewhere local to have proper follow up check-ups from your surgeon.

Clichť as it is, honesty is the best policy and this also applies to undergoing cosmetic surgery. Inform your surgeon about your entire medical history if needed. Provide a list of medications, supplements, vitamins, medical conditions, and anything that could possibly affect the outcome of your operation. Vices such as smoking and drinking should also be mentioned.

When torn between two different surgeons, pick the more conservative one. Choose to have multiple operations instead of wanting to have multiple body parts altered in a single go. Do not try to convince your surgeon to remove or change more than what was discussed as this may lead to unwanted results.

In addition, consulting a specialist can be rewarding. Letís say a surgeon specializes in breast lifts, while another is a general plastic surgeon, meaning he or she can perform any kind of cosmetic surgery, but has no specialization. Choose the former especially if you desire a breast lift. New York can be a great source of specialists if you know where to find them. Itís better to have a specialist because you are assured that they have had more training and experience.

Always listen to your surgeon especially when he discusses the possible risks and effects during and after your surgery. Donít hesitate to ask questions and scrutinize all the forms that you are required to complete.

Whether or not you follow all the steps here, cosmetic surgery can be risky, so better do all that you can to ensure your own safety.

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The author has dreamed of getting a Breast lift New York. Before undergoing Plastic Surgery New York, though, she would want to do more research and be well-prepared for it.

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