How to Assemble Furniture for your New Bedroom

By: Bryant Mercer

Bedroom furniture is rarely sold in one piece. More often than not, it is an amalgamation of different components that you have to assemble on your own or at the store. Majority of companies prefer to package these pieces in small boxes as this makes storage and shipping easier and efficient. As a buyer, you have to assemble the furniture when it finally arrives in your home. While the process of assembling the furniture might appear to be tiring and tricky, this is no always the case. You simply need to have an idea of the steps that need to be followed. Ideally, these are as highlighted below.

1. All the furniture pieces should be positioned on the ground. Match the pieces together in accordance to their size and ensure you have the fastening materials and screws in place before you start working. You have to position yourself in an area where you can easily access the pieces.

2. Majority of the bedroom furniture comes with instructions and you should have these ready at hand as well. Make sure that you get accurate guidelines on how to carry out the entire exercise.

3. When you start assembling, start with this large. This is important as it sets a framework within which you can work effectively. Note that this will work like a 3 dimension puzzle and you are supposed to match the pieces together and ensure they fit perfectly in order to lock down fastenings. This principle applies whether you are working on a bed, dresser or end table.

4. The pieces should be connected by ensuring they slide into one another. You also need to insert the appropriate sized screws and fasten the bolts to ensure they are locked in placed. In order to accomplish this, it is advisable to use a screwdriver and wrench. Ensure that the pieces are not tightened all the way just yet incase you notice later that you have made a mistake.

5. At this point, use the glue by placing it on the pieces and any other pieces that need to slid in place. If there is any excessive glue, use any soft material to wipe it off. If you need to use wood glue for your new furniture, make sure you have the same in order to make things a triple easier.

6. The instructions should be matched to every action taken in order to ensure that you don't make any mistakes along the way. The hinges of doors should be properly screwed in order to ensure that everything is well positioned and you don't have loose fittings.

7. The drawers and shelving units should also be assembled at the same time. They should be preset to ensure that they perfectly fit into place as well.

8. Finally, you have to tighten all the screws and bolts at once if you are certain that the furniture is well assembled. For instance, if it is a bed make sure that the frame has been tightened down before you actually place your mattress on it. If you are assembling a dresser on the other hand, make sure that the drawers are in place before you conclude the assembly.

With these simple steps, it should be easy for you to assemble your bedroom furniture regardless of what it might be.

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