How the Iron Gym Can Keep You Slim

By: Lisa_Parker

Keeping fit and staying in good shape is important for many people, and itís increasingly hard to do. We donít always have time to get to the gym and work out for as long as we would like. Not to mention the fact that gym memberships can be expensive.

One great way of combating both of these problems is by using home exercise equipment such as the Iron Gym. Not only do you pay one low price for the Iron Gym, you can also use it in your home. There is no gym membership, no time wasted getting to the gym, and no time wasted waiting in line to use the machines you want. And the Iron Gym is in the comfort of your own home, it does not get much easier than that.

That little bit of time you saved means you have more time to spend working out, completing important tasks or spending time with your friends and family. With the exercise equipment right there in your home, itís so much easier and more convenient to meet your bodyís fitness needs.

The Iron Gym is an excellent option for improving your fitness within your own home. The Iron Gym is especially useful if you are interested in building your upper body strength. You can always use the Iron Gym as a floor machine for pushups, sit-ups, or dips, and attach the machine to any door frame (in just seconds) for that set of pull-ups. Itís perfect for building your chest, arm, shoulder, and back muscles, for a toned, lean, muscular upper body.

The Iron Gym is a great piece of equipment for building your upper body. But can the Iron Gym really help keep you thin and lean. A commonly-held myth is that strength training canít help you lose weight, or help you maintain a healthy weight. But in fact, strength training is an excellent addition to a weight loss or weight-maintenance exercise program, for two reasons.

More Muscle Improves your Metabolism

First and most significantly is the fact that muscle burns more calories than fat does. When you use your muscles to do anything at all, even lift a pen you burn calories. Strength training involves using your muscles, and progressively pushing them to work harder than your average daily routine, and that uses up plenty of energy.

In addition, muscle tissue itself, even when at rest, requires more calories to maintain. And the more muscle tissue you have, the more calories you will burn, even when you are not exercising. By building bigger, stronger muscles, you are increasing your lean muscle mass, speeding up your metabolism, and increasing the number of calories you burn every day, even when at rest.

Strength Training can Improve your Cardiovascular Fitness

The second way the Iron Gym can help keep you thin and lean is by helping improve your cardiovascular fitness. It is cardiovascular exercise that helps burn the calories. Although some experts say strength training is not a good cardiovascular exercise, it can in fact be part of the best fat-burning workout you have ever had.

This type of workout is called circuit training, and it is simply a combination of cardiovascular and strength exercises designed to build endurance and burn fat. In a circuit training workout, you might combine strength exercises on the Iron Gym with aerobic and endurance exercises. Not only should you get a great cardiovascular workout, but at the same time you are building strength and muscle.

The idea is to set up a number of ďstationsĒ at which you do a different exercise. Make one station for upper body exercises, one for squats, then jumping jacks, and so on. Your workout then incorporates each of the different exercises you choose. By adding a range of exercises that targets all the muscle groups you want to strengthen, you have a full-body workout. Scatter a cardiovascular exercise segments in between the strength sets and you will end up with a workout that will definitely make your body sit up and take notice.

The true beauty of this type of workout is that you really do not need much special equipment. With the Iron Gym, you are all set. You do not need a large workout area, you can customize your workouts according to where you want to focus your strength-building efforts, and get the results you desire.

The Iron Gym is Ideal for Anyone

If you want to build bigger upper body muscles or simply improve your upper body muscle tone and increase your strength, the Iron Gym is the only workout tool you should ever need. It is easy to assemble, easy to use, and incredibly versatile. Also, by incorporating the Iron Gym workouts with cardiovascular training, you will enjoy better workouts, burn more calories, and build stronger, leaner muscles.

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Lisa Parker is a blogger and freelance writer who writes about dieting and fitness, often discussing specific products such as the Iron Gym.

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