How the Internet Can Help You Lower Your Gas Costs

By: Scott Siegel

There are several ways to reduce your overall expense of gas purchases even before you consider changing your driving habits or taking any actions on your car. The most rudimentary of these is to find the stations that have the lowest prices.

Seems pretty obvious doesn't it. The fact is when it comes to gas this simple and logical behavior is forgotten. If you were buying a television you would look for the store with the lowest price. Apparently we have been taught to consider gas differently. Drivers generally purchase gas where it is easiest and most convenient fuel up regardless of price. The station closest to where you live is the usual place to fill up regardless of price.

When your gas gauge shows your tank is low and certainly when you think you might run out of gas you fill up at the very first station you find. In most cases this station will not have the best gas prices. This is one more instance where you may be buying gasoline at a higher price than you should.

One of the best ways to find a gas station that has the lowest prices is to search online. There are a number of sites that provide information on local gas prices. Here are a few:

Utilizing the internet is a great idea because you can research the best gas prices without driving. By not driving, you are not burning gas to find the best prices. If you burn gas to save money on gas you will find it is a self defeating strategy.

Studies done by the AAA indicate that it costs on average approximately 51.7 cents per mile to operate your car. So every three miles you drive to find a better price could be costing you $1.50.

This is important to take into consideration because if you need to fill your tank with 15 gallons of gas you will need a savings of 10 cents per gallon for every three miles you drive. By locating the best prices for fuel online you eliminate the need to drive and you will gain 10 cents per gallon of fuel for every three miles of driving you have eliminated.

This is important to remember when doing your online research. If the gas stations with the lowest gas prices are 6 miles away from your usual fill up spot, you have to beat the price of your usual spot by 20 cents just to break even. That is why you need to utilize the information in a manner that saves money rather than costs money.

The smartest way to utilize the online pricing information, is to use it to plan your driving activities. If you need to pick up your dry cleaning and one of the lowest priced stations is next to the cleaners, you should plan on filling up at that station when you pick up your cleaning.

The internet is a great resource in your quest to lower your gas costs. If you can utilize the information garnered online along with proper planning of where and when you will fill up, then you should start to see considerable savings.

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