How on Earth Do I Choose a Wedding Photographer?

By: Irma Greer

I know what you are going to say. You start to look and there are so many photographers out there, with so many different offerings that it starts to be information overload. Well I am hoping I can help.

First of all think about what kind of wedding day you are planning and whether your day has a theme. Thinking about this is there a style of photography that naturally fits with it? Are you looking for vintage
style images or dramatic black and whites for example?

Before you even start to look at photographers and portfolios you need to have considered the following:

Is there a style of photography that you particularly like/are looking for?
Does this fit in with your venues? For example it is difficult to get vintage looking, sunlit images if you are getting married in the middle of a cityscape.
Have you decided on particular details for the wedding which might help guide you to a certain style of photography i.e. what colours are you having, what table decorations are you thinking, is the theme modern or traditional.
Do you know how much of your day you want covered

OK with all this in mind it is time to have a look at potential photographers. Don't overload yourself just pick say 3 to look at to begin with. Out of the 3, make sure 1 has come from a personal recommendation.

Have a look at their work on their websites and see whether you like what you see. A lot of photographers have a certain style on how they compose a picture and can adapt that to different themes or filters so try to concentrate on the images themselves first. Consider how the images make you feel, us human beings are very visual creatures and you should have an instant response to an image and know whether you like it or not. You might not immediately know why you do or don't like it but that is less important that your initial response.

After browsing through the portfolios of the 3 you have chosen you should have built up a picture in your mind of the images you liked, whether you prefer natural shots or posed shots, whether you prefer black and white or if you are wowed by the lit dramatic shots. If you don't feel that you know this then ring the photographers and ask for a no obligation meeting, you will know from your interaction on the phone whether you want to go ahead with this meeting or whether you want to try someone else.

If you do feel that you know what you like and are looking for a little better now, have a browse through photographers' websites in your area or who cover your area and try to pick a short list. Then ring for a no-obligation chat to discuss your plans. I offer this service so that people can just have a chat about their day, what they are thinking and have someone who knows about imagery to go through images with them to try and glean what they prefer. Remember this is the first actual contact you have had with the photographer and you need to get a sense right from the off that you can get along with them and that their personality will bring out the best in you on your day. Just ring for a chat and then meet the friendliest on the one you liked the sound of best for a no obligation chat - it will be worth it.

After you feel you know what imagery you like and what style you want to go with is when the fun starts. Look at more photographers in your area or who cover your area. Make sure that they offer a package that fits with your wants or that they can tailor a package as such.

Once you have found a few whose work astounds you then meet them!! Meet them all! Now you have to see if you click. Are you going to be happy having this person with you throughout your wedding day, will they get the best out of you so you pictures look as they should, smiley and amazing? Trust me, you will know when you have found the right one!

It always comes down to money!!

I can't really do an article on choosing a wedding photographer and not mention the money but I will keep it short and sweet! Spend the most you can afford on your photographs, they will be the lasting legacy of your day. They will remain long after the cake has been eaten and don't forget they will be what you show your children and your grandchildren in years to come.

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