How much is the Pinocchio Syndrome Costing You?...

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Increasing revenue is something that you need to constantly address and one way to do it is to decrease expenses. How much of your day is spent on thinking and arguing with your self How much are the selfarguments costing you What if you didnt spend time on that Can you imagine a day where you didnt have a single argument with yourself Let me explain how and why you may have those arguments so that you can recognize selfsabotage.

You can use a variety of ways to find out how you are sabotaging yourself. The first and easiest way is to acknowledge the daily Conflicts that you experience. Conflicts occur when part of your mind wants one thing, and part of you wants something else. When this happens, there is a great deal of confusion. This state is very uncomfortable and, depending on the degree of the conflict, it can be painful with severe ramifications. When we act out of one side of the mind based on actions that we have suppressed we may do something inappropriate and damaging.

When we act out of the other side of the mind, the opportunity may arise when this side reacts as well. In this state of mind, there is a lack of peace, to put it simply.

Acknowledge the daily conflicts that you experience.

You may recall Jiminy Cricket in the movie Pinocchio. Jiminy Cricket is the small cricket representing Pinocchios conscience. The wolf and his friends constantly persuade Pinocchio to do things that are wrong. When Pinocchio begins doing something naughty, Jiminy Cricket jumps on Pinocchios shoulder and speaks up, telling him what not to do. At times Pinocchio listens, and other times he does not. He constantly struggles whether to listen to the wolf or to listen to Jiminy. Jiminy has to be very persistent with Pinocchio to get him to listen.

Are your conflicts about food, money or relationships What is your Jiminy saying to you and why What are you arguing with your self about Can you come to terms with the two sides How would your day have been better if you and your self got along and how much more money would you have made today

Are you ready to let go of the Pinocchio Syndrome once and for all.

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