How many Ways to Increase Opt-In Conversion Rates

By: Pardeep Singh

The gurus, and it seems everyone else says "the money is in the list". Well, if you have been in internet marketing for any amount of time, you know it isn't always that easy to get a list. Building a list can be time consuming, and takes a lot of tweaking of your site. You have to test squeeze pages and the headlines you use. To say the least it can be difficult at best. For more details There are however a few things you can do to increase your conversions, so that you can get more out of the traffic you do get and increase your list faster.

Offer a Newsletter: One way you can get more opt-ins is to offer them something in return. People love getting things for free, but there are a few things you need to be careful of. First off you want to make sure you are offering them something of value. If you don't they will unsubscribe pretty quickly. By giving them a weekly newsletter they will remember you, this is called keeping your list warm. By packing the newsletter full of useful information for your niche you will get them to enjoy your emails.

Use Videos: If you have been paying attention lately, sites like YouTube, Viddler, MetaCafe are all getting tons of traffic. The reason is, people are lazy. Why read if you can just sit and listen. By putting videos on your site you can get more people to opt in to your list because people will also be able to see you or the information you have to show them, as well as listen, and all they have to do is sit there while you explain it all to them. You can show them exactly what you are going to give them and then leave the opt-in box right next to the video.

Offer A Free Report: Another way to get people on your list is to offer them a free report. If the report you have to offer isn't available anywhere else. For more details If you make the opt-in report just as exclusive as a report you might sell people are going to be impressed and they are more likely to opt in to your list. Take testimonials from your report and put them on your site along with some bullets telling them what is in the report.

Use Professional Graphics: Many sites do not look good, and quite frankly that means less sales and conversions. If you are one of these sites you know it, but there is help available. Getting professional graphics no longer has to be too costly. You can easily get opt-in and template graphics for your site for little more than the price of a domain name. These graphics make your site, and you, look much more professional and this professionalism will help convert more people to your list.

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