How long does marijuana stay in your system.

By: Jim Jerginson

Are you ever faced with necessity of pass random urine testing?
You always had enough time to prepare your urine for the drug test?
Are you familiar with the situation when your dream job could be lost because of the failure of the
pre-employment drug testing?
Marijuana is the most commonly drug used worldwide.
All labs test all urine samples for marijuana.
Most of people who fail a drug test were caught because of marijuana use. This fat soluble, slowly metabolizes
drug contains THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol).
And that's the truth: NOBODY knows how long marijuana EXACTLY stays in your system.
Only average timeframes are available. Our experts tried to calculate these based on frequency of use.
Results you can find on the end of the article with useful advice.
Exact time for how long marijuana stays in urine depends on a lot of factors:
usage level;
time of using;
amount of fat cells in the body;
potency of marijuana;
metabolic rate;
activity level.
It seems, that person who smoking pot only at weekends,
with average body mass, average metabolic rate and activity will be clean faster
than person who smoking daily a lot more than 10 years with the same characteristics. But: It's not so simple.
The heavy smokers' paradox exists: chronic marijuana smokers have high tolerance to THC.
And their bodies eliminate toxins faster than occasional / recreational smokers.
That's why the crucial moment is to make self testing before your actual test.
Note! The amount of water you drink has no important effects onreducing THC out of your system.
Drinking tons of water will not help you pass urine drug test. Moreover, that harms.
Too much liquid can be detected by adulteration test and cause suspicions in dilution.
Detection period concerning marijuana drug testing is in average 14-50 days depending on toxin's level,
frequency of drug use and amount of fat cells.
Light users/skinny individuals will be clean by the natural way after stop using in average in 10-14 days,
moderate users - in about 1 month, and for heavy and overweight users the cleansing process will take 1,5-2 month
and more. But remember about heavy smokers' paradox! You can find average timeframes based on usage in the end
of the article.
For the best result of cleansing your system of weed you should:
Use most proven and powerful detoxes;
Stop drug using;
Exercise at least 30 min daily;
Eat low fat and healthy food;
Consume adequate amount of fluids;
Stay away from unnecessary medication.
A lot of information like "detoxes just dilute your urine" you can find in Internet.
That's not true. Why? Because body cleansers you find here really PREPARE your urine to adulteration test by using
special ingredients. This is much MORE than just diluting. Drinking water alone cause no effects to clean your body of weed.
So, if you tried to drink gallons of water to dilute your sample - it's a wrong way. REMEMBER!
The adulteration test detects the dilution!
Don't use the dilution, it doesn't work for marijuana, and this drug is fat-stored substance.
The sub method if you have no time to prepare for a drug test. To find the ideal solution click here Use this,
if you're not supervised.
Different home remedies for pass a drug test(bleach, Visine, Aspirine vinegar, etc) seem to be so popular and effective,
but can cause FAILURE of your adulterant test.
Why? May ask you - these tricks are so widely known for years, how they can't work?
Because of their impact on main normal urine characteristics. They DRAMATICALLY change PH specific gravity and creatinine level.
ALL these changes cause to fail. So, strongly recommended to avoid using any home remedies to pass a drug test.

Advice: Make self testing every day before your deadline after detoxification process.
The first "clean" result shows that you can pass successfully.
Always check your urine first before your drug test and be ready!
Average timeframes for how long does marijuana stay in your urine based on frequency of use
once use only
4-10 days
2-4 times per week
25-35 days
5-6 times per week
35-50 days
2-4 times per month
10-20 days
Daily use
50-60 days and more

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