How logo projects company image?

By: william benn

I think it’s turning to an old talk that logo design of a corporation is the first step towards its establishment. Come to think of it, we can say that logo design of a company is not the first step. Rather, it is the most important step for conducting with public.
Or we can say that logo design is the face of a company that can talk to the public. Obviously that would be a silly assumption. But the custom logo design of a company does projects the image of a company to its public. I will tell you how the company projects that image in some points and with some examples below.
1. The public decides by the logo:
Take any logo of any company that may belong to any industry. Public first checks the logo on the product and then decides either it wants to buy that product or not. Also, this decision also depends on other factors like, influence of relatives and friends that can change the decision, durability and the services of that company, product image and its performance.
2. New product sales increase/decrease on brand image:
When a company launches a new product, it depends on the brand image of that company, which decides the sales graph. That is, if the image of a company is positive in the eyes of the public then the sales will increase otherwise it will have a negative impact. For example, Google when set its foot on print media, the campaign drastically failed because the public doesn’t regard Google Company in print format. They only see it successful online.
3. Logo can communicate history:
The logo of a company is a good and strong way of communicating the future of a company. Because a custom logo design that is made keeping the historical aspect in perspective has long lasting impact on the public. For example, logo design of apple is remarkably sequential. Most importantly the color of their logo, in initial period there logo color was monochromatic displaying the technology at that time. And same is the case today; they have a crystal gradient color with shine in the middle. This depicts the technology available today, with 3D and retina display screens.
As described above, these are some of the ways in which custom logo design depicts the image of its company to the public and communicates with them.
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