How installing a Solar Shade can do wonders for your home?

By: Sophie Campbell

Whether you love it or hate it, but the windows of your house can easily complement your home interior or dťcor while blocking the unwanted light, dust and other stuff entering into your room, if the right kind of window treatment is used. But, what if the window coverings or treatments help you block the glare, heat and harmful UV rays during hot summer, while providing natural light and privacy of the regular window treatments? Does this spark any idea?

Most of you might be knowing what I am talking about, right? Well, you can get rid of those tinted windows or other less usable options with the help of Solar Shades! Rather than installing tinted windows, prefer installing solar shades to have the light when you want it and block it when you want to get rid of it!

But, what is solar shades?
Solar Shades are just like other window shades and operate the same way traditional window shades does, like you can lower or raise them whenever you want. But, the only difference is that they are designed specifically to block the harmful UV rays, glare and reduce the heat gain during the summer.

They are usually available in two different styles, one is Mylar and another one is woven. Mylar shades are usually made from the thin, heat reflective aluminum sheet between the two thin layers and glare resistant polyester. On the other hand, woven shades look more or less like a dense screen. But, they also provide protection against heat, glare and UV rays.

Is it really beneficial to go for Solar Shades?
The main reason or benefit of using Solar shades in your home or offices is its ability to give protection against heat. It easily reduces the heat gain and block the harmful & warming sun rays, which at the end helps you make your home or office a comfortable place and helps you get down the monthly energy bills as you donít have to use air-conditioning for a long time.

Solar Shades reduces the amount of glare and block the UV rays, which at the end protect your furniture, upholstery, decorations and other area of your home from getting damaged due to constant exposure against the sunlight. Moreover, these window shades also preserve the view and improve the privacy, if you donít like people to get a view of your room or home.

What are the installation options?
These types of window coverings are more suitable for the office buildings or individual homes. But, you can install it within your bedroom or media room, where you donít want the sunlight or glare. Apart from all these, if you have a room which is exposed more in sunlight, then you can use solar shades to enhance the comfort level, reduce the heat and to protect the furniture or other belongings from sun rays.

Above we have seen head to toe information about solar shades. If you feel that your home or room is not comfortable due to unwanted heat or glare of the sun during a day, then these amazing window shades are a perfect option for you to cover your window with!

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