How dvd production companies in Birmingham are assisting organisations save thousands on a corporate dvd

By: Ian Stainton

London has always been regarded as the centre of excellence for TV and video production companies, and suitably so with it's ample number of imaginative producers, directors and crew. Nonetheless in the last 20 years there has been a quiet uprising going on with a lot of talent moving further afield. With the fragmentation of the independent television network and especially because of the de-unionising of the people who worked there it has sprung up a enormous bunch of independent video production companies. Ironic almost that all the people who were so left wing when they worked for independent television are now running their own businesses and on the capitalist side of the fence!

This being said it has an exceedingly constructive outcome on the video production market in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Almost overnight there were now a variety of very skilled video production companies in Birmingham. Although the talent in these businesses undoubtedly rivalled the video production companies in London the marketplace in the West Midlands was still new and consequently more difficult to survive. Needless to say that a few firms went to the wall but a good many also survived and prospered. One of the chief factors for success was the huge variation in what you could get for your money - the video production companies in the West Midlands were producing corporate videos and training videos for about half the cost of the video companies in London. This was not down to inferior quality but purely because of the significant disparity in expenditure such as salary and premises.

This started to unlock the marketplace and approximately at the last part of the 1990s the video production market in the West Midlands was truly starting to buzz. As the web started to take hold a number of these video production organisations also started diversifying and adding extra media services to their offering. One such company was Stormnet Ltd who saw a opening in the market and got in near the beginning, Ian Stainton Managing Director said "We sought to capture our total client journey, not just the video production constituent but also supplementary services around it such as internet broadcasting, interactive media and website development. We took the intentional effort to invest in the talent to be able to provide these services and even though the outlay was sizeable it has paid off with us now providing customers with a full media production service" Stormnet definitely seem to have been successful with an notable list of high profile clients using their services, Stainton said "We've seen that Corporate video production in Birmingham has matured a great deal over the years and nowadays the Internet means it does not matter where a client is situated - this has meant that firms in London are buying their video production services where they get best value and quality and this is why companies are commissioning training video production and corporate video production in the West Midlands"

We did some comparisons on price against the same brief for a training video production and a health and safety video production and found that the companies in Birmingham and around the West Midlands were on the whole around 30 to 50% less expensive - quite a saving in today's market. So if you're searching for video production in Birmingham you could really save some money.

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Birmingham in the Midlands is a city packed full of highly proficient and expert media and video production companies. Get a peek at our guide to commissioning media in the Midlands instead of the established Cities such as London and Bristol. You'll not only get a top class video production but you'll most likely save yourself (or your company) a lot of money as well - something to keep the boss in high spirits!

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