How do you overcome improvement anxiety?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

With any change in life comes some level of anxiety or concern about what consequences may come with it. The bigger the change, the more anxiety or concern an individual is likely to feel; the smaller the change is, the less one may feel worried about it because it is not making any real alteration to their self or their life. Anxiety is something that everyone will feel at some point, what they are reacting to may differ from the next person, but what gender a person is will have very little effect on how much anxiety they will tend to feel. What does make the difference is the individual, such as how confident they are with their decision or the change and how well they are able to adapt to it.

Confidence plays a rather large part when someone is looking to improve their self, regardless of whether they are female or male. The desire to improve one's self or to change their life for the better also tends to play a large role. For example, someone who has decided to go back to school to get a better career and to improve their life may have the desire to do so, but they may lack confidence about their ability to achieve in their chosen program. This little bit of anxiety can continue to grow as one goes on to think about what they will owe 'if' they eventually graduate, not to mention how easy it will be to find employment so that they can afford to pay the student loans back. Then, there is the greater concern of what they will do if they fail and are unable to complete their education. Of course, there are more ways that a person can improve their self and/or their lives than going to school. Changing their work habits and becoming more confident in their self in order to be seen as someone who should be considered for the next management position; this is another way one can feel some anxiety while they strive to improve their current situation. It is natural for one to feel some anxiety when one is looking to start on the path to improving their self, and/or their lives; however, the level of anxiety one feels can mean the difference between being able or unable to continue in their new direction.

It can help to talk to someone about it. Speaking to an online counselor or online therapist can help a great deal in that they can help one realize what they truly want to do. Taking some online therapy can also help one to build the confidence they need in order to make the first step. Online counseling can also help one to realize their true potential and abilities, which they can use in order to reduce their anxiety and move towards the improvement they seek. Anxiety should never stand in the way of working towards one's goals and dreams in life, because reaching for the sky is really what much of life is about.

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