How do you make your life more interesting?

By: Dr. Jennifer B. Lagrotte, DMFT

It happens to everyone, some not as much and some more than others, that life can become a little stagnant and boring. Depending on what one does for a living and what regrets they have, life can seem like it is one large boring mess that will never change. Change will not happen on its own, one has to make their life change by doing something to sort it out and put it more in line with what they really want. Some may feel it is too late to do something about making their life more exciting, but the truth is that it is never too late for anyone who feels the need to expand their knowledge and experiences.

It is easy for one to lose sight of their original dreams and goals, especially if they are a stay at home mother who has become immersed in looking after her husband and three young children. What about when those children are all going to school and she has some time to think about her current life choices? There is nothing wrong with looking after the home and children, but the mind and what one wants out of life cannot be ignored forever. A time will ultimately come when she will decide she wants more out of life. Perhaps going back to school, getting a part time job or doing some volunteer work is something that sparks an interest. Unfortunately, many women in this situation who find themselves thinking about getting more out of life might start to talk themselves out of trying something different, because they feel that they have been out of the workforce too long, or have been away from school for too many years. Some women may start to feel that they are too old to do something different, and that they have reached a point in their lives where their path cannot be changed.

It is important for all in this situation to remember that it is never too late to live one's life. Regardless of what one wants to do, there are a number of options one can choose from in order to expand their mind, to contribute to society or to feel they are doing something purposeful with their life. For those who feel they need to do something more, but are unsure of what they should do, seeking some help from an online counselor can be quite helpful. While it may seem strange for someone who is not suffering from depression or from any serious family issues to seek the help of an online therapist, it can help one to find some direction in their life. Online counseling can be a useful too that can help one to sort out their thoughts and guide them to the kind of answers they seek, such as what they would like to be doing with their time. Online therapy can help one find out more about themselves, so that they can identify what really interests them. This could ultimately lead them to a new career choice or hobby that could change their lives, and open a new chapter to a new and exciting unknown.

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