How do Janitorial Services Come up with Pricing?

By: Jed Totus

Keeping your office clean is not an optional activity. For the safety and health of anyone who comes in the door, every workplace must be kept neat and tidy. Employee morale and customer satisfaction are two good reasons to invest in professional office cleaning services. When considering which janitor services company to use, keep these factors in mind when getting bids from the vendors.

One major factor that affects what the cost of commercial cleaning will be is how much the cleaning staff is being paid. Whether they are paid minimum wage or more, the cleaning staff costs are usually the largest factor in determining what a cleaning company will charge. While a cleaning company that uses minimum wage workers may be cheaper, more than likely the work will be done at a minimum level. Ask any potential janitor service company what they pay their staff to get some insight into how that will translate into the effort put into the work.

Just how much time does the company budget to clean your space? When getting bids from cleaning companies, a representative should come out and take a look at your office to see exactly what needs to be cleaned and how much time should be allotted. Using square footage, experienced cleaning companies can get a good ballpark figure. Companies that are less experienced often low ball the amount of time given to the cleaning staff and they are not able to get the job done fully in the time allowed. It's always helpful to have the cleaning staff supervisor see the office and ensure that the time allotted is appropriate for getting the job done well.

Consider using a smaller non franchised cleaning company instead of a larger franchised company. The larger companies might have better commercials and nicer vehicles, but that cost obviously has to come from somewhere. You may end up paying more for the same type of service in order for the company to pay the overhead cost that comes from sending funds to the corporate office. Sometimes the smaller mom and pop type cleaning companies can offer you better, more personal service at a more reasonable cost.

Closely look at what services you really need and how often you need them. Different companies choose different frequencies as to when their office will be cleaned. Daily, weekly, or monthly, you can choose a schedule that fits your workplace and your budget. Some companies with smaller budgets simply let the professionals handle the restroom cleaning and sanitization and handle the rest of the cleaning themselves.

Be sure to have more than one cleaning company give you a bid when you are ready to hire someone. That way, you can see what different companies charge for which services and get the most bang for your buck. Ask the company representative a lot of questions up front so you know exactly what you are getting and feel comfortable with the company that will be in your building cleaning. A little extra leg work up front can ensure a lasting and smooth relationship with the office cleaning service that you end up choosing.

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