How can women use pheromones to attract men?

By: Cristina Tulis

Biologists have studied animal interactions and discovered that females attract and signal their availability to potential mates by means of chemical messengers referred to as pheromones. Biologists have also found that a similar phenomenon exists between men and women. Both sexes produce pheromones in their body secretions albeit in minute quantities that have no noticeable effect. It is now possible to artificially synthesize these compounds and avail them in form of a pheromone spray. Just as nature intended, a woman can now use pheromones for women to attract the man of her dreams.
Men have always had an upper hand when it comes to dating and this is because society expects the man to approach a woman and not vice versa. If a woman is interested in a particular man therefore she has to wait until he notices her and makes a move, but of course this may not happen. Nonetheless, the good news is that a woman can now take advantage of pheromones to draw the manís attention to her rather than waiting passively. Pheromones for women are readily available in the form of pheromone spray. All a woman has to do is wear the pheromone spray when going out to social places and she will instantly get the men interested.
Each pheromone spray contains certain pheromones for women that have an attraction effect on men. Estrotetraenol, for example, is a pheromone that gives men the impression that a woman is very kind, sensitive, fragile and delicate. It also lightens up a manís moods thus making him feel much more relaxed around the woman. Copulins are another group of pheromones and which are normally secreted from womenís genitals during ovulation when they are most likely to conceive a baby. It has been found that copulins can increase the levels of a manís testosterone by up to 150% and which will in turn greatly amplify his sex drive. Pheromones for women also contain Androstenol which creates a feeling of calmness and relaxation.
By wearing a pheromone spray that contains a combination of these pheromones a woman can easily draw men to her. The Estrotetraenol will make the woman look vulnerable and men will be attracted to the vulnerability because they have a natural protective instinct. The copulins will make men experience a stronger sexual desire for the woman while the Androstenol will help to put them at ease around the woman. A combination of these effects therefore will give any woman the power to attract the man of her desire without going against social norms.

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