How can parents care for and protect your baby's skin year-round?

By: Meena Chauhan

The elements-from cold winter winds to strong summer sun-can take their toll on baby's delicate skin in many different ways, not the least of which is dry skin. In fact, a recent clinical study revealed that babies' skin is drier than most parents would expect. Andit's not always easy to recognize signs of dryness on baby's skin.

Researchers have identified that 90 percent of mothers surveyed believed that their baby's skin was not dry, for more details visit to yet more than 60 percent of these babies actually had clinical signs of dryness. The researchers also found that infant skin reacts differently to moisture than adult skin. Baby's skin absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate, so infants need extra-mild cleansing and protection against dryness year-round.

Whether playing at the beach or bundling up for the cold, when it comes to keeping your baby's skin protected from the harsh elements, for more details visit to proper moisturizing is one of the best ways to keep that skin baby smooth. In fact, according to Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, a pediatrician practicing in New York City, "following a basic, daily moisturizing routine, including the use of gentle cleansers, can prevent baby's delicate skin from drying out."

Appropriate care of dry, delicate skin mandates gentle cleansing and moisturizing whether rain or shine, and you can even start moisturizing baby's skin while he or she is in the bath. As a leading expert in baby skincare, Johnson's has created a line of products-Johnson's Soothing Naturals-that are made with natural ingredients to gently care for baby's skin from cleansing to after-bath moisturizing.

Studies show that even some cleansers can deplete the skin's natural moisture; however, these new washes are specifically designed to mildly cleanse and add moisture back into baby's dry skin. The washes are formulated with a patent-pending complex to provide long-lasting moisture in the hot summer months and during the coldest days of winter. Moms and dads can also trust that since they are from Johnson's, they are gentle on both the skin and eyes. In fact, the Johnson's No More Tears formula is as gentle to the eyes as pure water.

"A new study shows infant skin needs more protection to ensure healthy skin development. I'm thrilled and comforted that there is now a natural product that I can recommend with confidence as both a pediatrician and as a mom of three," said Dr. Trachtenberg.

So how can parents care for and protect their baby's skin year-round? Dr. Trachtenberg offers some tips:

Moisturize your baby's skin every day. Don't wait for skin to look dry, because it can be hard to see the signs of dryness on baby skin. Also, use an ample amount of lotion.

While your baby is in the bath, be sure to use a gentle, moisturizing cleanser, and then moisturize before you towel dry to lock in all the moisture from the bathwater.

Make the most of this time by trying baby massage to help bond with your baby.

The full line of Johnson's Soothing Naturals products is available at food, drug and mass market chain stores.

Babies can get dry skin just like adults do. In fact, because infant skin is immature, it absorbs and loses moisture at a faster rate, highlighting the need for extra- mild cleansing as well as protection against dryness. Dr. Jennifer Trachtenberg, a pediatrician practicing in New York City, advises parents to moisturize a baby's skin every day.

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