How are Windchimes Made?

By: Julien Raynal

Nothing can compare to the sound of wind as it rushes through wind chimes. The sounds remind us of places we have been; drive us to a state of relaxation. Have you ever stopped and looked at a wind chime carefully and wondered how it was made? Wind chimes are made of three basic parts:

• The Sound element: this part that actually produces the sound. It can be made of hollow bamboo sticks, metal rods, bells or any other material that can produce a sound.

• The Capital element: This is the top part that holds the wind chime together.

• The Beater element: This is the part that comes in contact with the chimes to produce the sound

• The Sail Element: This is the part that catches the winds causing the beater to move and strike the sound elements.

• The Suspension: This part is where all hang from and hang by.

Not all chimes have all elements as described above. There are many different types of wood chimes and all have their own unique sound and unique use.

Wind chimes can be used indoors or outdoors. Outdoors, wind chimes can be hung in your garden to create sound aimed at enhancing the gardening experience or deter visiting vermin. If choosing a wind chime for your garden, choose one that can stand the elements such as wind and rain.

Wind chimes have been known to aid in weather prediction. Wind chimes can also be used on your porch to welcome guests. The soft soothing melodious sound can sooth frazzled nerves as you walk your garden after a busy day at the office. Wind chimes strategically located around the home announce a change in the wind direction. Wind chimes stir memories in us of places we have been and sounds we heard. Indoor wind chimes can be hung in windows to capture the sound of soft breezes. Wind Chimes are also used in feng shui.

It is easy to shop for wind chimes online. As with other musical instruments, some wind chime makers take the design and production very seriously, carefully measuring and fine tuning their products.

When looking to buy a wind chime take the following into consideration. Shopping for wood chimes requires a discerning eye and ear. A high quality and well made wind chime produces a superior melodious sound. A cheap wind chime on the other hand produces a series of irritating tones or a series of thuds. Some wind chimes are aesthetically pleasing and made by world renowned designers.

• The number of tubes determines the number of notes and sounds a wind chime produces

• The tube length also determines the tone and depth of the sound the wind chime produces.

• The durability of the wind chime is also a point to consider.

Wind Chimes make an excellent gift. You can purchase character wind chimes to match your receiver’s personality or to match any occasion; angel (newborn), dolphin, bird, or heart-shaped (valentine) wind chimes.

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