How and Why You Should Choose the Best Spear Guns

By: Lincoln Davis

These days, extreme sports cover so much of air, land and sea that it is quite impossible not to find one that you’d like to do or get caught up in. One of the most talked-about sports is spearfishing and as it is something quite challenging to do, it is often considered something people with an extreme yen for adventure and love for the feel of pure adrenalin rushing through their veins can do.

Actually, anybody who wants to learn spearfishing can do it as long as you commit to learning all that you must as well as equipping yourself with all that you must. A prime component in the sport is the spear gun, which is what you use to target and reel in those elusive game fish. It is usually composed of a spear, a stock /barrel and a handle or grip containing the trigger mechanism used to shoot the spear. They are usually .2 to .5 meters in length and are round or roughly rectangular from 28 to 55 mm in diameter/width. Find out about spearguns here and the basics you need to learn as a new diver.

When choosing the best spear gun to use, you need to learn first off that there are two types: pneumatic and band-powered. Pneumatic spear guns have been around since the 60s but have slowly diminished in popularity to the point that there are only few spear fishermen who use it around the world today. Pneumatic spear guns have a thicker spear that goes inside a sealed internal barrel in a hollow sealed outer casing that contains the air that serves as ambient pressure until it is pumped up to a pressure level equal to one strong rubber band. It’s power can be increased depending on the amount of air pumped into it.

Band-powered guns on the other hand, are the exact opposite of pneumatic guns in terms of popularity. Because they are powerful, accurate and virtually silent when fired, it makes aiming easy for divers because of the open muzzle that allows them to see the path of the shaft. This particular gun’s power can be increased by adding more bands and another thing that makes it popular among divers is the fact that it requires little maintenance. If you’re a new diver who wants to learn more the types of spear guns available in the market, you can check out the best spearguns in Spearfishingproducts.

Spear guns, however, are not just your basic point-and-shoot. It is composed of a series of interrelated parts that go well together to ensure a successful hunt and so that you are able to make the most out of it. The main parts include the head, body with leading mechanism, the handle and the gun stock. The head of the spear gun consists of several small parts like open and closed nozzles and nylon leadings, with a shape that impacts transparency, harpoon location and diminishing recoil when shooting.

The body of the speargun on the other hand, like an Aimrite for example, determines the size, the buoyancy, maneuverability and weight of the gun, which in turn affects the harpoon length, range and recoil. The mechanism is also something crucial since it is mainly the basis for successful spearfishing. The handle as well, should be something that allows a diver to experience a comfortable grip for better aims and along with the stock, ensures that divers are able to easily move and maneuver the gun to better control it. You can find out more about spear gun parts and more about aimrite in spearfishingproducts.

With more and more manufacturers coming up with newer and edgier models and types of spear guns, a new diver can be hard-pressed to find the best one. Remember however, that in addition to choosing a spear gun of good quality, you also need to choose one based on your needs and one that is suitable for the type of water conditions you will be spear fishing in. Cost shouldn’t be a major consideration but if you have to factor it in, you need to do research on the best types within your budget as buying something cheap could lead to less than stellar results. To get spear guns of the best quality at affordable prices, you should check out

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