How a Combination Oven Can Save You Time And Energy In The Kitchen.

By: Stephen Tern

Microwave ovens have been standard features in most people's kitchens now for years. They save time, and energy too. But if they have a drawback, itís that they do not give you brown and crispy skin on meat, baked potatoes and so on.
This where a combination oven comes into its own. You get the swiftness of cooking from the microwave allied with the conventional heat to give you the texture and taste you like.
You generally have the option of selecting the cooking technique - microwave, convection oven and grill - yourself, or (and here is where their real benefit is seen) using the multitude of built-in programs, to do all that calculation for you. All you have to do is choose the program, tell the oven the weight of your food and start it off.
These ovens are so adaptable that you can usually cook an entire meal in minutes rather than hours, owing to the combination of cooking technologies.
Needless to say, you always have the option to use a single function if you like- microwave, grill or normal oven. So what would you look for in a good combination oven?
1. Defrost. There's normally the option to use a built-in program to make this easy.
2. Microwave. Normal control of power level and time. Cooks with regular microwave power.
3. Grill. There's often no way to control the power to the grill, just the distance of the food from the element. You have the option to set the time.
4. Conventional Oven. Normal control over cooking temperature and time.
5. Dual Cooking. the grill, oven and microwave combine to cook the food all the way through and give colour and texture to the outside.
6. Automatic Cooking. A feature often found on the finest ovens is a range of cooking programs to cater for commonly-used dishes - ready meals, roast meats, cake etc. Just choose the type and weight of the food and press the start button.
The downside of all these possible programs is that there's a large amount to learn.
Since these are such versatile machines, itís almost certainly going to take a bit of time to understand all the functions and to take advantage of what it can do. However, most modern control panels are fairly easy to understand, so it shouldn't take too long.
So these appliances will save you time and energy as well. Many people say that they can entirely replace your main oven - no wonder they are gaining in popularity.

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