How Your Sleep Habits Are Causing Wrinkles

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When people talk about needing their “beauty sleep,” it connotes the idea that getting plenty of shut-eye each night helps to ward off or eliminate wrinkles before they happen. But what do you do when your resting hours start sabotaging your skin? There are a few bad bedtime habits that can actually increase the amount of wrinkles and fine lines you find on your face. What are these bad habits, and what can you do to avoid them so you can wake up fresh-faced each and every morning?

Bad Habit #1: Not washing your face before bed.
It doesn’t seem like such a big deal — you’ll just wash up in the morning! But during the daytime, your skin accumulates dirt, bacteria and free radicals. Cleansing your skin and removing your makeup removes these particles as well, so you don’t have to worry about them settling into your skin. Plus, if you’re not washing your face, then you’re definitely not applying a wrinkle reducing cream or any other natural anti aging products before bed, so your skin is at a double disadvantage. Natural anti aging creams help your skin to stay hydrated so it can better protect itself against free radicals.

Bad Habit #2: Sleeping on your stomach.
If you have a cotton pillowcase, you know the fabric is prone to getting wrinkled. Well, when you sleep with your cheek pressed against those creases, you may find you wake up with the imprint of the crease across your face! While the imprint fades after a few minutes, regularly sleeping face-down increases the chances of wrinkles becoming permanent. Sleeping on your side or back — where you can keep your face tilted skyward — is a better bet for your skin, but if you can’t sleep in any position except on your belly, try getting pillowcases in softer fabrics. Either a higher thread-count or a silkier material such as satin, sateen or tencel will do the trick. Continue to apply an anti aging cream for women before bed to protect your skin, regardless of your sleeping position.

Bad Habit #3: Not getting the proper amount of sleep.
They say that you need between seven and nine hours of sleep per night, but some people need more than that, and some need less. If you’re not getting the proper amount, your skin will look tired, and you may find yourself rubbing your eyes more often. This can cause crow’s feet, and a tired face can cause your brow to furrow. Getting the proper amount of sleep — and utilizing a wrinkle reducing cream before bed — can help eliminate wrinkles and reduce the chances of you developing wrinkles in the future.

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