How Your Baby Photos Can Be Worth A Thousand Memories!

By: Clarky

Following the birth of your lovely child like millions of other families around the world you were the proudest of parents. Also like many others you sought to preserve your very precious memories of your baby photos in photo albums. And it is still probably the best way to preserve those memories.

Now assuming you are an average type of person which I am sure you are, Then you like us will have collected many albums over the years. It is great to get them all out once in a while and sit together and go through them. The memories they bring back to you are really something else.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but your baby photos are worth a thousand memories. A picture of a loved one has the power to transport you back to a time and a place. My mother speaks of the ‘secret garden’ of her memories. I believe we all have one and quite often a picture can be the gateway into our own gardens, especially our baby photos.

One of the problems that you can have with so many photo albums is that as you turn the pages you leave behind the memories of the last page and then move on to the next. So you can tend to lose the sense of the ‘whole’ but there is a way which you can capture the overview of your baby photos and your memories every once in a while. This is how you can do it.

My partner had a birthday recently and we decided to have a party. One of the things we did was to get out all our old photograph albums including the loose ones and of course your baby photos. I got hold of three large pieces of card one metre wide and two metre’s long. I punched holes along the top of the card and then threaded a piece of string through the holes leaving plenty spare at either end. Then I put sticky tape down the joins of each piece of card. The result was one very large ‘white board’ which we strung up between two adjacent doorways in the kitchen.

We then selected from all our photo albums all the photos we wanted to put up on our collage. We were careful to mark the back of each picture with a letter coding for the album it came from and a number which represented its place in a particular album. My partner had grouped all the baby photos together and then organized the rest according to a theme.

For instance when we got married, when we lived in another country, musical pictures etc (I play the guitar) and others. In the centre we had our baby photos as a centre piece. We fixed each photo in place with double sided tape or you can use blue-tac. We then had a brilliant collage of photos showing an overview of a part of our lives with the baby photos as a centre piece. Additionally we added captions to the groups, some normal some humorous.

Needless to say our party went down a treat. The collage of photos was a major talking point. Many of our friends were included in the pictures so they just loved seeing themselves and their kids too. So remember if a picture is worth a thousand words your baby photos and are worth a thousand memories.

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